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Feb 3, 2019 | Diaspora (USA)

State Of Insecurity In Ghana Under Akufo-Addo Worsening

State Of Insecurity In Ghana Under Akufo-Addo Worsening

The NDC USA has noted with grave disappointment that the NPP Government is gradually creating the necessary conditions to destabilize the country.

The apex of which are the brutalities unleashed on innocent and law-abiding citizens at the Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency by-election held on Thursday, January 31, 2019.

We categorically and unequivocally condemn this despicable lawlessness and disturbances which are ‘UnGhanaian’ and have the potential to plunge the country into a political and social turmoil.

When there is a monopoly of violence by the Government which prides itself with being in possession of the state security apparatus, it is needful to caution that, power rests in the minds of the people and not with the Government; also popular forces can defeat the forces of Government.

There is a high sense of insecurity in Ghana now which has resulted from the actions of the President’s invisible forces who have been operating at free range (sometimes in the guise of Special Weapons and Tactics - SWAT Police)– attacking Judges in court,

attacking Police stations and freeing their members in trouble; now there is serial killing of Ghanaians, citizens are being terrorized, Journalists are being attacked and brutalized, they are being killed, Ghanaians are being oppressed and suppressed, some officials of the Government are inciting the public against Journalist who are exposing corruption in their bid to reduce the corruption that, the current President promised to fight but which he has abysmally failed to do and instead, institutionalized it.

The last straw that has broken the camel’s back is the attempt to disenfranchise the electorates, especially NDC members, senior members and even Parliamentarians by the intimidation, indiscriminate shootings and assaults that were displayed by the Invisible Forces – Hell NO!

The NDC USA fully backs the call by the ex-President, His Excellency President Mahama on NDC members to be ready to meet these unguarded acts of the NPP at full length. Ex-President Mahama did not err in any way, in making this call.

We fully support and will forever support him. In addition, let it be sounded in the corridors of the Nana Akuffo Addo’s Government that these numerous acts of lawlessness and Government’s use of extreme oppression, are enough a recipe to invite other political disturbances with the tendency of plunging the country into chaos and eroding our democratic credentials.

The overall consequence will be to turn the country back on the progress we have chalked so far as a nation.

It must be noted that the NDC USA will not sit unconcerned for the NPP Government to substitute ‘the Rule of Impunity’ for ‘the Rule of Law’ it is our expectation that, the President, as a matter of urgency, will bring those perpetrators of the shootings and lawlessness to justice.

Mr. President this is not a call for an investigation, rather it’s a demand for justice, for, you do know the members of the Invisible forces you deployed, just let them face the law, Justice now!


Steve Dei



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