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09.12.2018 Social News

Let's all take a role in fighting Abuse against women; Delasi Anyahleads with Art

By Kwabena Agyare
Let's all take a role in fighting Abuse against women; Delasi Anyahleads with Art

Abuse of women and children is a global issue yet very little is been done in the fight against it.

Inspired by the movie "Taken", Dela Anyah who is an artist, author & graphic designer decided to tell the stories of many girls and women who have been abused and suppressed using arts.

Through the works, Dela expressed his concerns about abuse against girls and women to raise awareness among the younger generation and all concerned stakeholders.

An exhibition was organized yesterday at Antique Lemonade in Accra to display the unique art pieces which he started in 2013, highlighting various forms of abuse faced by women and girls around the world.

In aid of the fight against gender-based violence, the pieces were auctioned. A portion of money from each art piece sold, he said will go to support two non-proft organizations: Heart to Heart and Girl Unashamed.

His journey into painting all began a year after a visit to France for his graduation at the Paris Graduate School Of Management, where he obtained his BBA degree in marketing. During his short stay in Paris, he visited the famous Musee du Louvre. At the Louvre, he had the opportunity of seeing paintings of big names like Biagio D’antonio, Jacques-Louis David and Leonardo Da Vinci, whose famous Mona Lisa piece was one of the most visited.


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