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26.11.2018 Feature Article

The ‘Ides Of March’ Is Tomorrow Monday November 26th 2018 - Atuguba, Avoke & Co Be Reminded

The ‘Ides Of March’ Is Tomorrow Monday November 26th 2018 - Atuguba, Avoke & Co Be Reminded
LISTEN NOV 26, 2018

On behalf of his clients and himself, Lawyer Atuguba penned a non-legal disgrace of a letter to the Chairman of the Governing Council of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), which basically ordered the Chairman to turn into a cleaner and get the offices of the dismissed Vice-Chancellor (VC) of UEW, and the offices of other dismissed officials of UEW ready for them by Monday 26th November, 2018.

So the dismissed VC is now ranked higher than the Chairman of the UEW Governing Council? This is the message Atuguba is sending across. It is possible that Atuguba is using a formatted version of the University of Education, Winneba Act 2004 (Act 672), hence his ignorance of the governance structure of UEW.

The former Principal of the UEW College of Languages, Ajumaku Campus, Avea Nsoh, aka Victor K. Owusu, is well-known for this type of mischief. It is apparent that Atuguba has allowed himself to be misled by this mischievous and cantankerous Avea Nsoh, who himself appear to lack basic knowledge of UEW governance structures.

Tomorrow is Monday 26th November 2016, the deadline set by Lawyer Atuguba for the reinstatement of his clients to their previous posts at UEW. This brief write-up, is to remind Lawyer Atuguba, NOT to fail to turn up with his clients tomorrow morning at the main administration block of UEW, located at the North Campus, Winneba, Central Region, together with the Court Order that called for the reinstatement of his clients.

The Council Chairman and a majority of the staff of UEW, are respecters of the Rule of Law, and therefore, would not threaten to butcher Atuguba and his clients with cutlasses and samurais.

With the Court Order leading the ‘convoy’, Prof. Avoke, noted for being humble, it is expected, would gracefully clean his office. Prof. Avoke is therefore kindly reminded to come along with a mop bucket and stick, some cleaning detergents, gloves and Wellington boots.

I wish Lawyer Atuguba, Prof. Avoke, the Voodoo Priest (whose devilish and satanic powers disowned him in the middle of a battle), the ‘butcher’, and the others, God’s traveling mercies to Winneba tomorrow!!

Alhassan Salifu Bawah (son of an upright peasant farmer)

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
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