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25.09.2018 Opinion

The Acquired Vultures Virus: Some Nigerian Politicians Syndrome

By Apochi L.B. Omeliko
The Acquired Vultures Virus: Some Nigerian Politicians Syndrome
LISTEN SEP 25, 2018

The vulture is mostly a carnivorous bird, with a bloated body that makes it unusual for a creature of the air and feeds mostly on animal carcasses, insects, snails, eggs of birds. For better comprehension of this political commentary, the writer will equate the following terms:

AVV = Acquired Vulture Virus
AVV Positive = Corrupt Nigerian Politician = democracy saboteurs = National Persecutors = enemy of the state.

With much puzzles and lamentations born out of national patriotism, the kernel of this political thesis is to sanitize the polluted political terrain and promote leadership stewardship in Nigeria, with the expectation that political dwarfism and excesses will be pruned. The true politician is that person that is bestowed with the mandates of the people and took the oath of office in stewardship to peddle the desired ends of his people toward a happy ending economic, social and political voyage.

As an analytical preamble, the vulture like most birds flies, but in a very sluggish fashion. Luckily for this bird, nature is its wardrobe manager and the bird is contented with its attire, not minding its funny looks. Contrariwise, the general physical paraphernalia of the corrupt Nigerian politician are an allegory of greedy rooted in lewd materialism and insatiable hunger to steal. As if haunted by an impending catastrophe; he runneth when no one is in pursuit, like a man being chased by imaginary foes; he prostitutes from one party to the other. In this state of confusion, he feels insecure and steals more, hoping that more money will give him protection and buy him the love of the people. Unfortunately, when the people gnash their teeth at him in hatred and agony, he mistakes them for smiles.

His mastery of shameless follies have no equals. As he puts the people in darkness, make the roads inaccessible, destroys education, and denies the poor civil servants their salaries, he also fashioned government hospitals into a deliberate state of purgatory. As the poor masses never stopped crying unto God, The Creator weighted this political vulture and found it wanting; giving it an AVV as a warning punishment for all his political retributions. God coursed him to dig siege holes round about himself, then he begins to tell Nigerians more annoying lies as if they are blind, deaf and dumb; When there is no electricity; he tells the public that he has provided power supply. When there are no motorable roads; he claims to have tarred a thousand kilometer of roads and built bridges. Now, in a state phobia and all sort of paranoias leading to self-persecution complex; he embarks on provocating empowerments like sharing of wheel barrows for civil servants to go back to the farms instead of paying them their over 18 months salaries and arrears. He buys frying pans for members of his constituency to take up frying professions when they have nothing to fry. In mockery of the youths, he empowers them with shoe brushes and kiwi polish. His dream for them is shoes polishing as future careers instead of quality education and employment opportunities. At this point in his political career, his moral bankruptcy is at its lowest. All his best friends are sycophants, indeed they are partners in progress.

Wait! Why the political parties switching festivals anyway? Does switching solve the numerous problems in Nigeria? Well, the political vultures do this simply as quests for material indices, just as the vulture has mastered the art of spotting dead carcasses. Many Nigerians know that such moves are akin to the last shake of a dying dog. In their most clueless, incompetent and unproductive state, these political vultures have unquenchable desires for stealing. It is the game of robbing self, for if a politician steals money meant for his or her constituency development, there is no folly more self-degrading.

Funny enough, the vulture, known for its greed and laziness only comes unto the scene after the kill by another animals; always looking for easy picks. Its human replicas-the corrupt Nigerian politicians only eats and loot from leftovers. They are never productive nor creative. His allergy for infrastructural development can be likened to the dog and cola-nut. They can be in power for sixteen years, it doesn’t matter how long they last. Nothing can be done because dogs don’t eat cola-nut. They are so old and divorced from contemporary realities. Funny enough, you hardly can find any of these thieves using the looted funds to establish any SME, not even a kwukwuli processing unit. It is a known fact that these fellows with their decided bias for primitive accumulation and unhealthy personal aggrandizement are equally morally bankrupt, insensitive and lack the entrepreneurship capabilities to create wealth that will engage our youths. The only wealth they are familiar with is stealing public funds meant for the state. This is why, even when they have gone greyed both on the eye brows and eye lashes, they prefer to die and be buried in government offices.

As a master tracker of carcasses, and an opportunist, the vulture rely on its keen eye-sight to detect opportunities from vast distances by watching the behavior of other animals approaching the carcass. This bird is forced to soar at the mercy of the currents and wait for opportunities to present themselves. Just like the vulture, these corrupt politicians are unable to control their own destinies. These vulture replicas are sycophant, development saboteur with keen eye-sight for corrupt loopholes to tap from. It’s quite bad, they will never approve budgets without selfish paddings. They will not allow intelligent children of the poor to have merit based scholarship neither will they allow one to get employed in government parastatals, ministries nor any agency. In the ministries and parastatals, jobs are for sale and the highest may be lucky not to be swindled.

One would expect that the opportunistic skills possessed by the vulture would earn it more respect, but instead, it is held in contempt and looked upon with disdain by both man and other animals. Could this be why the human replicas-corrupt Nigerian politicians try to make up for their hatred from Nigerians by surrounding themselves with sycophants and those who see but are blind, who hears but deaf? O sycophants! You are being led to the abattoirs to slaughter your tomorrows. Why sell the future of your children? Will your children and grandchildren ever forgive you?

While the physical, social and the unusual clumsy features of this bird makes it unhomely and disrespected, it is the unproductive and uncurtailable greed, the propensity to aid joblessness and put the citizens into hardship, hunger and darkness that make us, Nigerians hate the political vultures. The definition of development to the vulture is simply; carcasses. To the corrupt Nigerian politician, development is defined by noisy and smoky standby generators that disturb the entire neighborhood; a failed education system and syringeless clinics and hospitals; a village square-like international airport with potholes on the runways; street lamps without lights. O! How can a reasonable leader be so happy polluting his own environment with diesel generators? Funny enough, vultures rely on light to aid their vision for carcasses. Are vultures more reasonable than corrupt Nigerian politicians? Or because GHANA MUST GOs are better carried in the dark? Nigerians can now see why the human-replicas have deliberately sabotaged power supply. After all, there is health and education pilgrimage in Europe and America, and they and their wards will always steal your money to afford whatever. You! Yes you. You don’t makes sense to these gullible except that you make temporary sense when they need your votes. Deceptions!

Amazingly, these fellows experience uninterrupted power supply in most countries of the world that they visit often. These are countries whose politicians think aright! Our political vultures love it there! They get the opportunity to see state of the art airports, working healthcare system and viable education system, yet they returns to the “shithole” which they created by their own makings, knowing that the only thing that matters to them is what to steal, how to steal and how to underdeveloped their own motherland by their own makings in continuation of the looting agenda.

Some members of this grouping were formal presidents, some after 35 years in the civil service, 8 years as governor, 16 years in the national assembly, they have not even a rat farm. The few who have companies, have them in already developed countries. Shame on you! At least use your stolen fund to create jobs and empower your youths! Why fetch water to the ocean?

Using their evil machinations, they stoops so low to fight the poor, taking from them the little that belongs to them. They makes sure that we have no roads, electricity, a working health system and portable drinking water. They prefers to empower youths with goats, shoe shiner’s kits. Imagine the lack of ideology in some! Commissioner for happiness? When your people are in pain? Do you want to beat them to smile and pretend to be happy? God! I am not surprised that images are being built to honor fellow dunderheaded junks like them. Imagine a country where poverty, unemployment and darkness should cause leaders to bury their heads in shame, Oh! These corrupt personae have shown slightly more reasonable they are than the Black Rain Frog.

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The Black Rain Frog
For those who may have a decided bias for the passing statement, perhaps you may be refusing to admit to the many questionable and obnoxious social orders that have become peculiar political ethics and ethos, which serve as the dividing line between the political bourgeoisies and the proletariats in Nigeria.

The Nigerian social political environment is memoir of political comedies, where economic efforts, peace and security often wind up on the table of obnoxious interest. Without bias, there is a sweeping generalization that in Nigeria; the realization of dreams is an interwoven entity which depends on the interplay of some fundamental recipes. These recipes are the grand decider of employments and general access to government benefits, irrespective of merits. The culprits are influence peddling, ethno-religious sentiments and godfatherism-all institutionalized antics of the political vultures. As allegory of the Nigerian political scenario, orchestrated by these political masqueraders, aka political themi gods, these recipes are indeed anti-thesis to youth development, progress and national growth. That a young man can no longer forge his own destiny through hard work and a fine-tuned application of thoughts is inter alia a divorce from the famous aphorism of James Allen that “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.” Man is supposed to be the grand architect and weaver of his own destiny. Contrariwise, man is now being made and unmade by a set of political double faced folks, whose greed are even made manifest in their oversized outfits and constant primitive accumulation of wealth, the so called massive acquisition of material advantages. By robbing your nation, you rob yourself, the vulture in trying to keep its body cool urinates on its body.

Years come and go, yet we are inflicted with the morbid dreads for the travails that came with each passing government like a man crossing an enemy line. Our only companions are God and our personal sense of enthusiasm emanating from faith in God. For how long can you hold on to the harsh and agonizing life which you have been subjected to? We are being disabled by our own people. We therefore must strive hard to elevate the status quo. Let’s put religious sentiments aside and vote for a young and innovative mind. Diversity in religion has from time immemorial sown seeds of hatred amongst opposing believers. Hates emanating from conflicting religious views have triggered several violence and wars that have claimed uncountable human lives, the like of which is incomparable to any catastrophes in human history. Today, the corrupt politicians use religion to keep the little minded citizens busy while they and their children act as spectators, smiling down at us with the country’s feeding bottles of milk in their mouths.

Remember the secret sayings which the living Jesus spoke and which Didymos Judas Thomas wrote down in his gospel, The Gospel of Thomas. “Jesus said,” Should those who lure (and) lead you say, 'behold, the Kingdom is up in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.”

It is left for us as Nigerians to gang up against those corrupt people who use religions to gang up against us. Only the reasonable know that what is divine is from God and what is religious is from man.

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