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13.10.2005 General News

“We have lied enough” - NPP Press Sec.

By Ghanaian Chronicle
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The Press Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Kwadwo Afari, who is also vying for the general secretary position, has stated that the time has come for politicians to bring back trust in the body politics of the country.

He said politicians have for a long time lied to the public and it was time issues of national interest were treated with truthfulness.

Mr Afari said this could be achieved by redefining the ideologies of political parties “and that must go beyond the idea that if you tell the truth then you are not a politician.”

According to him, past governments like CPP and PNDC/NDC governments succeeded in treating Ghanaians as “the masses”, denied our individuality as Ghanaians and refused to recognize the individual's rights and freedoms to make independent choices for themselves by peddling lies.

Mr. Afari, who was in the Upper East Region to seek the mandate of the party's delegates in the region, said every country, and a political party for that matter, that has survived at a given time, has had leaders who could take entrenched stance in pursuing an ideology rooted in the spirit of truthfulness.

“For instance, some people say I am too frank to be a politician and this connotes that politicians are fond of lying,” he responded when clarification was sought on what he meant by politicians being liars,” he said.

He said he had been a constituency chairman of Ga South and was actively involved in the training processes of the grassroots members, and that he knew the pain the 'foot soldiers' were going through.

He said he would encourage participation, trust and ensure that the party members were empowered to secure the victory of the party.

“When some top party members were rushing to apply for government jobs because doing party work by then was not fashionable, I remained loyal and rendered selfless duty to the party. They are now coming back because they think it is now fashionable to be actively involved in the party,” the press secretary said.

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