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04.10.2005 General News

How They Intercept Your Calls!

By Palaver
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”The devices, and what they can do!!

When the Kweku Baakos and the Frank Fordwuors of this world say that they can intercept your electronic communications, including bugging your telephones, they are not really speaking for themselves. They are speaking for the national security apparatus, which has the capacity and the capability and the legal authorisation to do just that.

If the matter should ever go to court, what we expect is for national security to give them the permission to name them as their sources, and for national security to plead both the National Communications Act, Act 524, and the Security and Intelligence Agencies Act, Act 526, as providing legal cover for this gross abuse of the Constitution and serious violation of the fundamental human rights of citizens.

But as for the technology for bugging telephones and intercepting electronic communications, they do exist, and our intelligence agencies do have them, thanks to a certain pro-USA power in the Middle East. Today, we publish for the benefit of our readers, a few of those devices and what they can do.

Micro-Max Touch Tone Decoder

Quickly and easily decodes DTMF (touch-tone) codes from any source including tape recorders, scanners, or direct telephone line connection. No physical connection is required. The Micro Max has its own internal microphone, so you simply hold the unit close to the speaker of your tape recorder or scanner and the Micro Max immediately and accurately decodes and displays the tones on a 16-digit LCD display. A 3.5 mini jack allows for direct connection to source if preferred.

Voice Controlled Dialled Number Recorder (DNR)

The DNR represents a new revolution in telephone recording. The unit not only clearly records both sides of a telephone conversation, but also will also capture and display any telephone numbers that are dialled. The recorder is automatic and will only record when your telephone is off hook. The built-in multi-segment LED will show you the telephone number as it is dialled and when you play back the tape. The enhanced model features switch-selectable two-speed recording. The slow tape speed is S! that of normal speed, which permits over 5 and a half hours of recording per tape. A switchable voice-control mode permits elimination of silent periods on the tape for even more efficient use of tape. The unit will decode tone or pulse signals.

Cellular Telephone Scanner

The Cellular Telephone Scanner permits you to listen in on any 800/900 MHz cellular telephone or any cordless telephones. You can hear both of the conversation with a push of a button.

AU-077 Telephone Transmitter

This ingenious telephone transmitter kit, cunningly disguised as a common dual modular adapter, transmits up to ¼ mile on any FM receiver. The unit tunes from 88 to 108 MHz and beyond, and uses the phone line for its power source and its antenna. No battery or external antenna is needed! Both sides of the conversation are transmitted with crystal clarity.

Voice Disguising 'Changing' Telephone

The handsome Hi-Tech black matte finish telephone will disguise your voice at the touch of a button. It works on any single line, is tone/pulse switchable, offers last number redial, has a 10 number memory, ringer on/off, flash and pause, and comes with an AC Adapter. It is hearing AID compatible. There are 16 programmable voice disguising levels ranging from high to low pitches. It can also be used as a regular telephone.

Tele-Monitor 3000

The Tele-Monitor 3000 is a very sophisticated new audio monitoring device. Utilizing advanced Logic-chip Technology, it enables you to discretely listen in on your premises via regular telephone lines from any telephone in the world! Unlike other products, it requires no activating beeper or whistle, and will not affect out-going calls. You set the dip switch (located on the back of the unit) and listen in on your premises with never-before available ease and flexibility. The Tele-Monitor's sensitive microphone will pick up even a whisper 35 feet away. The Tele-Monitor 3000 requires a two-step user identity verification process before allowing monitoring access. The latest model also has a 'Quick Access' mode option for applications on a dedicated line (A separate telephone line specifically used by the Tele-Monito! r 3000). To monitor, simply dial your phone number from any touch tone telephone, access the monitor, and then push the button on the phone corresponding to the number you've selected (1-2) on the dip switch. You have now accessed the Tele-Monitor 3000 and have up to 5 minutes to listen in. After 5 minutes, the Tele-Monitor 3000 will disconnect, you may re-activate the Tele-Monitor 3000 as many times as you wish by repeating the same process.

The Q-Phone

This mobile phone looks and operates like any other mobile phone. It can dial out and receive calls like any other mobile phone. However there are special chips which will make this phone programmable which when programmed, the Q-Phone will pick up automatically without a ring (only to your call), without a ring, without any change on the display whatsoever. (a very powerful detective tool). It makes you able to hear everything that is going on in the vicinity of the Q-Phone. To other callers, this phone will ring and operate normally. However, it will automatically pick up your call without a ring and without any change on the Q-Phone's display screen. In other words to others it's a normal phone, to you it's a very powerful detective tool.

Give it as a present to your spouse, your kids, your employees, etc. Know what your kids are up to; know your spouse's behaviour when you are away. It is very simply to program the Q-Phone, takes less than a minute to program. Just key in your phone number and push a few buttons on the Q-Phone and the phone turns into your personal detective. You are now ready to give this Q-Phone to anyone you want to spy on. The Q-Phone has built in super sensitive microphones, which allows you to hear any sound in the vicinity of the phone. You can even take a trip to Tamale and monitor your spouse in Accra. There is no range limit for this Q-Phone! It follows your target anytime, anywhere, home, office, bedroom, washroom, classroom, meeting room, motels, hotels, friend! 's house, the list goes on. Q-Phone is one of the best detectives you can find. It can be used with any SIM card world wide.

The X-Interceptor

Key in up to 20 cellular phone numbers that you would like to monitor. When there is an incoming or out-going call made to or from the number you have specified, the X-Interceptor will intercept the conversation and display the number of the phone being used!

You can also do general monitoring. With a push of a button, the X-Interceptor will scan, intercept and display the number of the phone that was picked up!

It connects to any tape recorder and monitors your employee, your spouse, your children etc.

Monitor either cellular system A or B.

Operates both in general monitoring mode and targets specific phones.

Identifies unknown cellular mobile phone numbers.

Cell site specific monitoring mode setting available.

Decodes touch tones used to access voice mall, Answering machine,

Targets 20 mobile numbers for all calls made in or out.

Automatically records both sides of all conversation when connection control recorder.

Track hand-off from cell to cell when following vehicles.

Can be used as a normal cellular phone.

Time setting and DTMF output enable. Measurement: 160 x 56x 37mm.

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