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08.09.2005 General News

Kweku Baako Exposes Obuasi MP


MR. Kwaku Baako Jr. the Editor-In Chief of the Crusading Guide Newspaper has debunked a claim by the Hon. Member of Parliament (MP) for Obuasi, Mr. Edward Ennim that he was supporting him to deal with two Chronicle reporters.

"I don't even know the MP, I have never met him one on one, let alone to support him to deal with or fight The Chronicle," he said.

"It is wrong for the MP to create the impression that I was supporting him against The Chronicle reporters. It is never true," the outspoken Crusading Guide Boss told The Chronicle on Monday.

Hon Ennim was captured saying that the Editor-In-Chief of the Crusading Guide and other newsmen were supporting him to battle two Chronicle reporters, Jale Dominic and the paper's Obuasi Reporter, Albert Nana Asante.

The MP said this when he was told to desist from any move that was likely to create a media war that would go to dent his image.

"I don't care about any media, because Kwaku Baako and others are calling me to come along with them to face The Chronicle. I have people supporting me. I am going to deal with them physically," he said.

The MP was captured also, saying that unless the Chronicle Obuasi Reporter fled from Ghana, he would make life unbearable for him. and nobody could beg for him.

According to Hon. Ennim, immediately after the publication, the author of the story, Jale had quietly gone to see the Independent Editor to plead for him after the first publication against him.

According to Kwaku Baako, "after The Chronicle publication about the use of police to arrest the paper's Obuasi reporter, I commented on the issue and condemned the use of the police to arrest the reporter during a news paper review program on Peace FM." I also said the use of the police to arrest the journalist was wrong and that there were other avenues that the MP could use to seek redress if he thought the paper haD defamed him," Baako recounted.

After the program, Baako said the MP called his cell phone and left a message on his receiver asking him to call him but he did not bother himself to respond to him, so if the MP was out there creating the impression that even he was supporting him, it was absolutely untrue.

"It is very dangerous for the MP to create that impression that I am supporting him even when I don't even know him or spoken to him," Baako told the paper.

In spite of the statement by the MP, he has denied on several FM stations that he had threatened The Chronicle's Obuasi reporter.

Hon Ennim used his brother and police to arrest Albert Nana Asante, the paper's Obuasi Reporter, following The Chronicle's story about him in connection with the scholarships he said he had secured.

Before the publication, the author of the story, Jale, spoke to the deputy registrar at the national scholarship secretariat(NSS) who denied, saying as far as she was aware, the outfit had not awarded about 130 scholarships to the MP.

The MP is reported to have claimed on Shift FM at Obuasi, hosted by Francis Kwaku Boateng that, he had secured 130 scholarships for the needy students in his constituency.