24.08.2005 General News

Intelligence Agencies Acquire Sophisticated Equipment

By Palaver
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—NDC, other opposition members are the targets 'The Ghana Palaver' sources within the intelligence community have detected the acquisition of the most modern and sophisticated of interceptors, or bugging devices, designed to intercept, listen in to, record and play back, all telephone calls, whether land lines or mobile, as well as mobile text messages, fax messages, Internet e-mails, Internet SMS messages and Internet chat messages.

The GSS Pro-A Interceptor

The most sophisticated of the devices is called the GSS ProA-GSM Interceptor, and it is the most up-to-date “Big Brother Is Watching You” electronic surveillance equipment.

According to the technical description and specifications of the device, the GSS-ProA is the very best GSM Cellular Interceptor off-air system in the world today. It is a completely stealth-invisible and non-detectable, high performance and upgradeable, multi-channel GSM Cellular Intercept and logging (recording) system.

It is not only designed to receive and process GSM digital cellular signals, but it also has a built in sophisticated RF triangulation locator with near GPS accuracy. Built-in DSP and PC software determines the processing algorithms, and special Windows-based software provides an intuitive and comprehensive interface to the operator.

The GSS-ProA system intercepts GSM phones operating on both the 900MHZ and also on 1800/1900 MHz bands. It intercepts both, the base station and the mobile station at the same time, independently. The system records automatically or manually all of the conversations between the two targeted phones simultaneously, and saves them to a standard WAV file.


· Fully passive (non-detectable) off air interception of GSM communications

· Interception of A5.1, A5.2, A5.3 Encrypted Voice Channels

· Extraction of Ki code (Ki-Grab) off air from a distance of 4 miles

· Totally covert operation to both target phone as well as network provider

· Automatically intercepts calls to/from target from flagged database

· Intercepts calls made in other countries

· Standard version has 4 channels in full duplex, which means that it can intercept 4 live cellular communications simultaneously;

· Unit will intercept SMS, Fax

· Built-in tracking system of targets location, with near GPS accuracy even when target is inside buildings

· Built-in Voice Recognition System (Military Triangulation Technology)

· Automatic or manual scanning of frequency channels search for emissions of system cells

· Definition of work regimes and emission parameters

· Auto or manual adjustment of reception track on receipt of signal from base station

· Saving of adjustment current configuration as a file on disk

· Auto loading of any previously saved configurations

· Recording facility of conversations onto PC hard disk, or to exterior recording system

· Auto monitoring of subscribers from database

· Ability to listen and tape conversation in real time

· Ability to hold and display the protocol of transactions in receiving base stations and protocol of monitored subscribers

· Display of current conditions of receiving channels (presence of synchronization, level and strength signal, and activity in temporary slots)

· Monitoring radius typically 1-5 km with high gain antennas

· Once any of the number has been stored (as the TMSI, IMSA, or the IMEI), the unit will automatically log into the target's cell phone if it is in operation in the network

· The system can store into the target base up to 700,000 numbers which can be given a priority selection

· The system operates on both the Non Encrypted and Encrypted GSM Networks completely independently of the Cellular Provider.

Tracking of the Target Location

Making use of the unique software made for this application, the GSS-ProA allows the operator to track the target internationally. This is done by triangulating the location of the cell phone via the existing base stations. In city areas, where the base stations are numerous, the typical accuracy is +/-2 meters. In rural areas where the base stations are fewer, the typical accuracy can be +/-100 to 250 meters.

Control Functions

· Building up the Control Database

· Building up the audio channels database

· Building up the Ki on the clients account (Target number)

· Supervising and producing activity reports

· Automatic or manual control and supervision

· Controlling the switching of voice channels

· Communicates with the various computers via a secure network

· Analyses the data that passes on control channels

· Produces audio signals from the audio channels while conversation is in progress

· Analyses the data that passes on the voice channels

· Processes the voice signals from the voice channels

· Control of digital voice and data logger system.


4 channel portable briefcase unit to intercept 4 fully duplex telephone conversations simultaneously.

20 channel rack-mount base or mobile unit, to intercept 20 fully duplex cellular telephone conversations simultaneously.

100 channel rack-mount base or mobile unit, to intercept 100 fully duplex cellular telephone conversations simultaneously.

Our sources have been informed that the intelligence agencies have acquired the GSS-ProA in all three configurations, and that a major Western country sponsored the acquisition of the devices, which theoretically is supposed to be used in the fight against international terrorism.

However, according to our intelligence sources, they are being deployed mainly against opposition NDC elements and that lately, since the “Hotel Kufuor” scandal hit the scene and the “Friends of the Truth” (FOT) was formed, it has been deployed against members of the FOT as well as all those suspected to be connected to the attempt by Ms Giselle Yazji to come to Ghana to testify against President Kufuor before the CHRAJ.

'The Ghana Palaver' has all the information on when the equipment was purchased, from which European country and from which company it was purchased, how much it was purchased for, and the Western Government, which sponsored the purchase.

We also have the list of the opposition NDC members who have been targeted and whose telephones, faxes and Internet websites are currently under surveillance through the use of the GSS Pro-A Interceptor device.

However, because of our high level of security and intelligence consciousness, we are not putting that information in the public domain as yet and will wait for the security and intelligence agencies to play their next cards.

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