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21.08.2005 Football News

Confusion in Cranes Camp?

Raymond Yeboah

Cranes of Uganda coach slams FUFA Officials As the clock counts down to the Cranes' African Nations Cup/World Cup Group 2 qualifying encounter against Ghana's Black Stars, head coach Muhammad Abbas has continued to slam Fufa officials.

On Thursday, he described federation officials as liars who never keep their promises.

"You call them and ask for something. Instead of giving a straight answer, they say-we will call you after three days, a period that turns out to be months.

That's why I find (Denis) Obua better. He never mistreated me like these ones. He respected me. He would call me and say how are you coach. Obua's only problem was people around him," he raged.

" I can tell you. Even if you brought to Uganda the best coach in the world, he cannot handle football in this situation. In fact I can predict that no other coach will come and adhere to this type of disorganisation because to me, it has been possible due to my government's assignment. However, when the contract expires on September 1, I will only leave."

He said poor leadership had frustrated people wh love the game so much.