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What Today’s Youth Must Know; Give No Room To Comfort….

What Today’s Youth Must Know; Give No Room To Comfort….

I write this as a sequel to an article titled “Overcoming suffering

There seems to be a similar conclusion drawn from the several observations and interviews with many people concerning a successful way of living in this country, that’s, “Give no room to comfort in this life.”

Life is connected to the word, suffering. As explained in the article, “Overcoming Suffering,” man must have a different perspective to the word suffering, not as a task to be dodged and complained about, but a problem to be solved and conquered.

Have you realized the most parts of your body do not thrive best in comfortable condition? They need exercising, struggles and challenges to function well. I recently came across an article which revealed that most people are not utilizing 90% of their brain cells. The brain cells need constant training and exercising by solving puzzles, mathematics and engaging in active critical thinking. Comfort makes the brain loses its agility, dexterity, potentials and capabilities. Why crave for comfort if your whole physique flourishes through moment of suffering?

Just figure out living in an atmosphere of comfort such as comfortable house with its luxurious fashioning, lovely maidens to attend to your needs, just to mention a few. The question is, how do you get there? Even if you get there, how do you maintain them? It takes hard work, a moment of suffering. I remember attending a workshop at a luxurious hotel in this country. I fell in love with the place due to its comfort and wished to remain there forever. I made an enquiry about a night’s charge and guess what? It would take thrice of my salary for a month’s stay. The fact here is this, it takes suffering to get the comfort you desire, and that comfort would need suffering to maintain it. So what is the need for comfort if you would need suffering to maintain it.

It is sad to say this, though not scientifically proven, but I guess this finding would be closer or nearly the same when tested through scientific method that, the average Ghanaian youth today desire comfort without suffering. The desire to embrace suffering and picture it as an opportunity, instead of burden is not the inclination of the hearts of the Ghanaian youths. The concept of suffering has become disgusting theme in our discussions and interactions. The truth that the relationship between comfort and suffering are inseparable in this life is never told. The concept that it is through suffering that we build the needed character to face the challenges of this life, is far away from our thoughts. Today, I speak the truth to you, whatever suffering that may come your way, you are stronger, capable and mightier to deal, subdue and conquer it. You can do it, young men and women of this country. Stop complaining and cloth yourself with the spirit to conquer, overcome and endure all kinds of suffering that may come your way.

The actions of politicians in determine the fate of this country count a lot but, the determined, fortified and brave heart, willing to embrace and overcome every suffering that come their ways, always survive irrespective of the dispensations, environments and conditions they find themselves. The mind willing to conquer suffering never bows to the decision of the politicians nor fear the threat of bosses. Such a mind is like a seed that thrives in any environment. Its strength never comes from the environment but the seed.

Nothing that create comfort never came without sweat. The mobile phone, the air condition, the washing machine, the luxurious cars, and so on, came through real suffering. You therefore have no reason to wish for comfort, young man and woman, rather, call for tougher environments and situations. This is because through overcoming such environments that you find comfort.

Students go through tougher conditions to study hard, leaving no room for comfort. Through hard work and struggle, they build characters, attitudes and behaviors that make them resilient and find comfort in such moment of hardship. These attitudes propel them ahead to acquire good grade and finally a good job. At this stage, they identify that the job’s integrity, position and incentive never came through comfort and need great suffering to be sustained. A little slumber, laziness and comfort reduces the company to ashes. Yet, people may see them living comfortably, and might envy them but, to them, they have learned to embrace suffering, and trained to tackle suffering and see suffering as a tool to success and not a failure. Young man and woman, give no room to comfort, it will do you no good.

Life, young man and woman, is like the body and physical exercise. Living in comfort will make you bloated. You need to subject the body through suffering by constantly training the body. This make you stronger, tougher and shape the body into productive shape. It also needs a constant suffering to keep you in shape. Initially, it would be difficult, but as you gather courage and strength to overcome this suffering, you would find comfort while you exercise because you have developed yourself in such a way that it is no more painful undergoing through suffering in training the body, but a comfort routine. Comfort is created through suffering.

The successful people have undergone through series of suffering till they reached a point where such suffering had become a moment of comfort to them. When you see people who had exceled in their marriages, it is not a sign of comfort, it is rather a demonstration of their resilient in moment of suffering to the extent that they have acquired the needed trait and character to conquer and subdue marital suffering.

Young man and woman, complaining does not bring solutions. Complaining is an acceptance that a condition is beyond you and it is a runaway. You are stronger to face challenges that come your way. You need to go through them and build the needed lessons and characters to equip you for a better future.

Craving for comfort at this stage of your life, will be desirous to your future. The condition of this country may not be desirable, but people have survived in harshest conditions than ours. Be bold to face today’s suffering. Life is such great when we have a prepared mind to face whatever suffering and challenges that come our way. Good luck!

Jeffery Amo – Asare
[email protected]

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