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05.08.2005 General News

Military to Relocate Junior Academy-Major General George Aryiku

objectives of the subjects at the Military facility were being reviewed to meet current trends in order to maintain high standards of excellence. "I am happy to report that after having run the Defence Management and Internal Crisis Management Modules for the past two years we have been able to achieve the necessary modifications and thus made these modules an integral part of the course." Maj. Gen. Aryiku announced plans to relocate the Junior Division of the College from the Military Academy and Training Schools to GAFCSC at Otu Barracks. He said the relocation was projected to span five years (2005 - 2010) and would include the construction of 30 students' accommodation facility, syndicate rooms, a central lecture hall and staff offices, gymnasium and sporting facilities. The Commandant told the graduates that their individual progression and success would depend on their personal level of commitment to duty and determination. "The opportunities are many and your chances are bright. Your destinies are, therefore, in your hands. Remember keep the light shining." He expressed satisfaction that officers from war-ravaged Sierra Leone had been trained in Ghana to provide the peace and stability needed to boost the rebuilding of that country. The graduates, who formed up and moved forward to the dais with military precision, were presented with Passed Staff College (PSC), scrolls. The Honour Graduate Trophy, awarded to the student, who combined a high academic performance with the widest military experience, professionalism, best tactical ability and significant contributions to studies on political, economic and international affairs went to Major Frederick Dankyi Ntiri of the Ghana Armed Forces. The Overall best Allied Student awarded to the overall allied student, who combined a high academic performance with the widest military and professional ability was given to Maj. Philip Eromosele of the Nigerian Army. The Second Best Student Award went to Maj. Rogatus John Koku Komlaga, while the Third Best Student Award was given to Maj. Lawrence Kwaku Gbetanu, both of the Ghana Army. The Vice President, the GAFCSC Control Board Members and Academic Staff preceded the two-hour function with an Academic procession. The Army Band thrilled the audience comprising chiefs, diplomats, Ministers of State with martial, gospel, country and highlife songs whilst dancers from the Ghana Dance Ensemble stole the show with comic military drills and other African dances. 05 Aug. 05