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Opinion | Jan 8, 2018

The Kind Stranger

By Honour Agbemor-Flint 

Richard recently joined a charismatic church in the big city after many years of dormant church activities. He always had an excuse not to go to church. Either he is too tired from the week's work or church service these days is just too boring.

To him, it's all about making money. The Church Business was too fetching to want to just be a member to continuously contribute to just the fortunes of pastors who are fortunate to put up air conditioned churches and ride in big cars. If he will ever attend a church again, he must be a pastor to also benefit from the big industry.

Richard wasn't ready to be a pastor so he decided to use his Sundays to eat a good meal and rest for another busy week. After all, he was young and single; life should not be rushed.

But this changed. Richard was invited by a colleague to one of these big charismatic churches and has since rescinded his decision and became a member.

Well, life is about choices.
Christianity according to Richard can be interesting joining this new church. He had regular church meetings, joined groups and soon became very active in the things of the Lord. He doesn't miss a single activity in the church any longer.

Richard is now a committed member.
It was another Sunday morning. Richard had invited a female friend for church this beautiful day. Since he doesn't have a personal car, they had to go with public transport.

Cynthia met Richard at a popular junction. She was looking very good in a white brouse, a black trouser and matching hills. They set off to church very happy together. You know that feeling you get when finally "the lady" decides to come to church with you.

Getting closer to the church in all excitement and running a bit late and in the association of other church members, Cynthia suddenly slipped and fell almost flat on the concrete floor at a busy intersection. Richard managed to support her a little to avoid her falling totally flat on the floor. But she did fall with her phone and purse flying in different directions.

Her nice dress was torn and her knee also was hurt.

This was an embarrassing moment for both Cynthia and Richard. Cynthia was shaking physically and was almost in tears. All passing church goers were starring at them while they tried to clean up. They couldn't clean up better so they decided to go back home. It will be too embarrassing to take the torn and dirty dress to church. It will be more inhuman going to church while Cynthia was in pain.

While they were still standing in the middle of all these people and mastering courage to leave the scene with their heads bow in embarrassment, they heard a roadside vendor offering to give them a flat shoe to make Cynthia walk home more comfortably. This they politely turned down and flagged a taxi.

Sitting quietly at the back of the taxi reflecting on what just happened and each of them thinking of who to break the silence, Cynthia spoke.

"Richard, why didn't all the people passing by to church stop for just a moment to ask if we were okay? Why was it the one who wasn't going to church that had to offer us help? Is this what Christianity is about?"

This gave Richard alot of thoughts. It is possible all these people were going to his church. But they were all just in a hurry and not concern at all about a hurt person.

Why couldn't they offer help? What were they all busy going to? Church? They couldn't show love to a fellow human but yet they claim they love God and we're busy going to worship him.

1 John 4:20 If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.

Is Christianity hypocrisy?
Richard took Cynthia home, helped her get some medication and food and left for home not thinking about returning for the second service; may be not returning at all to church. (Just May be)

Cynthia's questions kept ringing in his mind.
Why didn't they stop for a moment to help?
Why was the vendor not going to church the one to offer help?

Why? Why? Why?
Honour Agbemor-Flint
[email protected]

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