20.05.2005 Regional News

Forestry forum to begin 10-acre Agro-forestry plantation

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Agona Nkwanta (W/R), May 20, GNA - The Ahanta West Forestry Forum will begin its 10-acre agro forestry plantation at Tumentu in September. Briefing members at the ninth forum at Agona Nkwanta on Thursday Mr Paul Appiah, the forum chairman, said negotiations were underway with the landowners while the forum is also seeking financial assistance to enable it to begin the project.

Members of the forum include chain saw operators, charcoal burners, carpenters, chiefs, hunters and wood and canoe carvers.

He said the major obstacle facing the forum was lack of finances to carry out its education programmes on environmental conservation, tree planting and other economic activities.

Mr Appiah said if finances were not found the forum could be compelled to end its activities and that would also be to the detriment of the remaining forest reserves.

He said the formation of community based security and neighbourhood watch had minimised the activities of chain saw operators in the Ahanta West area.

Mr Appiah urged members of the general public, the district assemblies, non-governmental organisations and other forest and environmental groups in the country to come to their aid.

Madam Benedicta Dokosi, the Consumer Services Manager of the Forestry Commission, commended members of the forum for their commitment towards sustaining the scarce forest resources.

She said members must contribute financially to make their vision a reality and funding for such projects should be broad based. Madam Dokosi pledged the support of the FC towards the programmes of the forum but urged the finance committee of the forum to step up fund raising activities.

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