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1 June 2017 | Editorial

Of Pranks And Cheap Politics

Daily Guide
Of Pranks And Cheap Politics

We are saddened by the politicization of the murder of Captain Maxwell Mahama by some personalities of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), even as our shocked nation is yet to come to terms with the reality of the criminality.

Displaying such insensitivity just so they can project their political agenda is to state the least appalling and so uncaring, especially in the early days since the gruesome murder took place.

The tears are justifiably still flowing uncontrollably from the tear-ducts of his young family, the Armed Forces and the entire nation, but the cheap politicians see this solemn moment as another opportunity to play out their buffoonery.

How painful and irresponsible!
The young officer died in the line of national duty and for some cheap politicians to engage in what is now being manifested in the media can only be described as unfortunate.

There could not have been a better gauge of the quality of some political parties in this country. Even before the tears of the Armed Forces and the families of Captain Mahama are dried from their cheeks, the bad guys have jumped into the political gutters with all manner of irresponsible and tendentious remarks.

Why would they want to do this to the memory of the deceased even before he is interred?

Elsewhere in this edition the Defence Minister has said it all about the need for all to tread cautiously on the subject under review.

We have very serious moral challenges in the country, which must be tackled if we must move forward as a people.

Lynching a suspect on mere suspicion, when the police station should have been the most appropriate place to turn to, does not cast our society in good light.

Shouldn't this be an auspicious – even though painful – opportunity to as the minister pointed out, address these challenges? The galamsey issue should not be allowed to be an albatross around the neck of the nation indefinitely. The murder of Captain Mahama should jolt us to take action against it and pronto.

These are what we should be talking about now and not needlessly jumping into the matter with a view to reaping cheap political leverage.

Such a painful death which has thrown the young family of the Captain into an indescribable state of melancholy does not deserve this nonsense from idle politicians.

If there is anything the family needs now, it is support, words of encouragement and prayers. Anything outside these has no place in the scheme of things.

We could not agree more with the Defence Minister. As for the NDC General Secretary, even though we would have rather he is ignored, knowing his penchant for nonsensical remarks – ┬ámost of them bordering on pranks – we think on this score telling him to shut up would be most appropriate.

The murder of the Captain is far from being over-flogged.

Until the perpetrators of the heinous crime are brought to book, it is only justifiable to continue commenting on the subject, more so when diabolic politicians seek to mess the solemnity which the moment deserves.

There is no shortage of church-goers and Mosque-goers in the country, yet acts which are in opposition to the tenets of the great faiths continue to be perpetrated by people as the nonsense from the NDC.

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