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2017 Spring Season Seminars Kick Starts At The University Of Ghana, Legon

2017 Spring Season Seminars Kick Starts At The University Of Ghana, Legon

The Gold Empire Foundation (GEF), a nonprofit non-governmental organization in full pursuit of her honourably mandated duty to Empower, Motivate and Protect Youths (under the laws of Ghana) commences her yearly 'Seasonal Seminar' campaigns throughout Ghana.

The GEF 2017 Youth Capacity Development campaigns kick start with the Spring Season Seminars!

Below is a copy of the opening speech for the just ended April edition of Spring Season Seminar series(series spans from April through June 2017)


Honorable members of the high table, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, friends and family here gathered, all outstanding protocol duly observed, I like to start with a warm greeting.

Good afternoon honourable members of this august house.

A visit to the premier University of Ghana-Legon always sends me on a retrospective journey. Almost a decade after leaving the shores of this school, I have come to two conclusions.

First, the privilege of schooling in this University and of networking here can hardly be appreciated; especially, while on campus. Second, the potential inherent in tertiary education(especially at University of Ghana, Legon) can be unveiled earlier than usual via the medium of seminars and workshops! This is basically because, the platforms created by seminars encourages more use of the imaginative than the recollective quality of audience brains.

Indeed, the role of seminars in the struggle to win over hearts/minds of our teeming youth population cannot be overly stressed.

Seminars play vital role in REMOULDING and RESHAPING mindsets and societies.

Most seminars connote a more casual, more practical and yet more mature approach to effective learning and knowledge transfer.

Multiplying the mandate of GEF to the platforms afforded by seminars, we created the GEF Seasonal Seminars.

The goal of GEF Seasonal Seminars is primarily to help condition the pursuit of progress by culturing the minds of the youth to the various sections/ phases of the growth and development trajectory. It is the firm belief of the planners of the program that by helping the youth to properly stagger the pursuit for progress, a more well grounded and ethical advancement would be made towards goals and dreams.

The long run objective of GEF seasonal seminars is to groom human capital whose pursuit of ambitions do not jeopardise and/or compromise similar dreams of future generations.

Beyond regular seminars, GEF seminars are carefully well thought through to give both a TEACHING, TRAINING & MOTIVATIONAL feel especially brewed for under 40's who wish to Retire Before 40years.

It is the vision of GEF seminars to train, groom and mentor world class human capital comparable to colleagues in Asia, Australia, America's, Europe; just to mention a few.

The unique feature of our training is that: we intentionally culture and coach our students to RETIRE BEFORE 40:- as you can see, most of our speakers are highly accomplished despite youthfulness.

It is instructive to note then that, just as our trainers are, so are we!

In conclusion, we have here participants from far and near. Here it is a family & friends affair.

Today, you are all born again into the historic family of YOUNG ACHIEVERS-Achievers who aim to "Retire Before 40". Limited copies of book(Retire Before 40) is available for pick up for yourself and friends.

Once again, I promise you an experience worth having. It is not a day to struggle over trivialities; rather, it is a day to strategically "seize the time" and advance to be a Young Achiever.

If I say "GEF SEMINARS", respond, " Quam Verba Multo"

GEF SEMINARS- response.
Shadrack Akrofi-Quarcoo,
(GEF Exe. Dir./ Author- Retire Before 40)