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NativeDrNii on Book "Retire Before 40"

NativeDrNii on Book Retire Before 40

Why you must own a copy of *Retire Before 40*
"Nothing grows in its VALUE unless it has (communal/collective) UTILITY."

The potential of mankind to live as rational beings is one most amazing blessing. The rationality of man aids in decision making and problem solving. As a lecturer in both Problem Solving and Decision Making, I came to terms with the meaning of introductory quote "NOTHING grows in its value unless it has (communal) UTILITY".

Using the simple analogy of consumption, we notice that a buyer or consumer would continue buying or consuming a product as long as he still benefits. Despite the argument of overall depreciating utility, the consumer continues purchase and consumption. By the analogy then, the simple observation implied is thus: "people would naturally DECIDE to consume more and more of what they feel solves the problem/challenge they encounter".

A further dive into the earlier analogy would help us appreciate the concept of demand(and supply) or "consumption" even more. Utility, though a universal concept, is pretty personal.

For example, a sumcious fruit juice (smoothie) mix for me (lets say 'Mr. A') may be totally disastrous for you (say 'Mr. B'). Hence, while 'Mr. A' may be so willing to pay $5 for first cup and even extra $5 for one more cup, 'Mr. B' may not only be unwilling to pay $5, but he may want to go further to discourage 'Mr. A' from buying and/or delighting in the smoothie.

Join me make few deductions from the immediate above analogy and I believe firmly that "why" I recommend the book "Retire Before 40" would be pretty obvious:

(1). Consumption is a personal choice. Though the community/group choice may affect ours, we must determine our personal satisfaction (utility) and go for it. Hence, the fact that "Mr. A" doesn't feel the need to own a copy of a book, wouldn't deter me from owning mine.

(2). Utility is each consumers primary reason for buying. Hence, the author, with sound understanding of the target audience vis-a-vis the society prevalent in this generation, has attempted to do justice to an otherwise troublesome, confusing and misconstrued concept("Retirement"). By attempting to demystifying the concept, the writer places the options available during that period at the doorstep of retiree or potential retiree. Utility then is assured, in that, the writer contextualizes the book in a way that suits a wide range of both personal and public preferences.

(3). Just like "graduation" literally terminates our school life (at one level) while introducing the graduate to another, retirement also truncates our professional life while 'literally' discharging us into another relatively newer realm. Hence, if we barely dread "graduations from school", we may have no need to dread "retirement" at all. Getting a copy for yourself and few more of those you love would help society eradicate the fears and tension usually associated with "retirement".

(4). Another great utility to be derived by an owner of the book "RetireBefore40" is the satisfaction from having a medium sized book with a very attractive cover design and title. The cover design (color orange with a watch and golf stick) connotes unique ideas. First, orange represents "youthfulness and vibrancy"; the "watch" connotes "time factor and sense of urgency"; the "pool or golf stick" connotes "leisure and/or relaxation".The message in all of this is simple: "Retire Before 40".

(5). Each new chapter is written in honor of someone or few distinguished people who have directly or indirectly influenced the author. The practise of giving "honor to whom it is due" is aimed at helping the youth identify senior colleagues/mentors in their pursuit of purpose. Such a practise is a moral and reasonably justified way of saying "thank you" to all such dear ones (publicly and without restraints)

(6) The book draws lessons from diverse angles (historical, philosophical, religious, logical, academic, observatory and experiences) in order to help consolidate the position of the author on early and enjoyable retirement; especially, "Retiring Before 40". The reader would be greatly enlightened on a multifaceted level of appeals to "Retire Before 40" after owning a copy or sharing copies with friends for a group study.

(7). Opportunities to engage further with author as well as opportunities to partner other developmental programs/projects of author are very much part of the extraordinary reasons to grab copies.

Each copy bought goes a long way to support what the author terms as "Youth Development Missions".

As a proud owner of the book, you are also indirectly ingrafted as a partner to the work of "Youth Development"; you may be willing to share a platform with the author on the team tours within your particular vicinity. The implication is effectively this: [ by buying copies of the book, you help draw author's attention to the youths in your particular community] (through the data forms you fill)

While many other reasons could be listed, I believe the ones shared are in good standing to help establish your decision to (1). own copy/copies (2). apply the concepts in order to retire in at most a decade from now; especially if you are below 40

Thank you for reading.
Shadrack Akrofi-Quarcoo, Author/Speaker/Missionary Social Entrepreneur/Philantropist