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7 February 2017 | Special Report

Towards Ghana's 60th Anniversary Celebrations: Distorted Historical Facts Brought To Light

Our History, Our Nation, Our Independence, Our Warrior Saints: Obaa Ohemaa Saa Pogh'Naa I . Obaa Ohemaa Yaa Asantewaa I

The Buddha Queen Mother - Obaa Ohemaa Saa Poghnaa II, Guided By The Great Spirit Of The Late Warrior Queen, Saint Yaa Asantewaa
Towards Ghana's 60th Anniversary Celebrations: Distorted Historical Facts Brought To Light

Obaa Ohemaa Saa Pogh'Naa II – Nyame Adom, is an Avatar Healer and a powerful Bagh'bora or Buddha Queen Mother, who has come back home to Ghana to work for her Royal Ancestors who have now appointed her to be a, 'Guardian Mother Protector of the Soul of the Nation'. She receives her guidance and empowerments from her Dagarti - Mother Father Nation Protector Gods and the Royal Spirits of the Great Warrior Queens who protect her, Saint Saa Pogh'Naa I and Saint Nana Yaa Asantewaa.

In December 2016, Obaa Ohemaa was commanded by her Dagarti Gods to return home to Ghana after spending nearly 42 years travelling around the world unknowingly following the stolen relics of her predecessor, Saint Nana Yaa Asantewaa; learning, healing, praying and initiating – until such time as she had fully awakened her reincarnation status. She is now planning to launch her “YAA KALI MA'ASANTEWAA END OF THE WORLD HEALING TOUR', and to conclude her sacred mission to bring back home to Ghana, the ‘Queen of the Nation’ Title that was taken by the British in 1901 and 1957.

Obaa Ohemaa writes with a depth of wisdom and knowledge that shows she has gained a higher spiritual understanding about the great suffering of her predecessor. The article also elucidates why she was chosen by God to be the appointed Spiritual Successor and Reincarnation of Saint Yaa Asantewaa, and shines a Golden spotlight on the many hidden reasons why the evil men who ran the British colonial office, sent her Great Spiritual Guardian into Exile after she fought in front of the mighty canons of the British Empire during the War of the Golden Stool, 1900 - 1901.

Her writing resurrects and breathes life back into the enduring historical legacy that the British wanted our Nation to forget. Part of this Legacy relates to the important Titles that our Great Warrior Queen, Yaa Asantewaa was given by Almighty God as a result of her fighting this Great Independence War - which had the overarching effect of saving - 'All Mothers and All Children' in 'All Nations' of Africa and its Diaspora. Another part relates to the way in which the British made the Gold Coast their Colony and then Ghana a so-called Independent Nation

On this day of the 7th February 2017, Obaa Ohemaa publicly reopens the history book of Ghana's Independence, in order to factually and spiritually re-examine how our country Ghana, whose name means 'THE WARRIOR NATION', actually got its independence. She also opens our eyes to make us alert to the fact that it was the British Parliament and not we Ghanaians, our Chiefs, our Elders or even Kwame Nkrumah or the Big 6, who authored our so-called 'Ghana Independence' to take place on the 6th March 1957.

Unbeknown to many Ghanaians, it was on the 7th February 1957, that the white men of the British UK Parliament in the Palace of Westminster, an enormous building that sits along the shores of the widely flowing river Thames, passed the Ghana Independence Act, 1957 5 & 6 Eliz. 2 CH.6.

Image: (Left) A picture of the original vellum Ghana Independence Act 1957 5 & 6 Eliz. 2 CH.6 taken during a visit by Obaa Ohemaa Saa Poghnaa to the British Parliamentary Archives in 2016. (Right) The Houses of Parliament in the United Kingdom

In typical parliamentary style, the Ghana Independence Bill had been debated in the Parliament of the United Kingdom since 1956, apparently after they received a white paper from Kwame Nkrumah, the then Prime Minister of the Gold Coast. The following UK Parliamentarians all took part in the debates at different times in 1956 and 1957:

Mr George Wigg (MP of Dudley); Mr. James Griffiths (MP of Llanelly); Mr Norman Pannell (MP of Liverpool, Kirkdale); Mr Maclay, Mr A. Fenner Brockway ( MP of Eton and Slough); Mr. Harold Davies (MP of Leek); Mr. John Tilney (MP of Liverpool, Wavertree); Mr. F. M. Bennett (MP of Torquay); Mr. W. T. Williams (MP of Barons Court); Mr. Roy Mason (MP of Barnsley), Mr Clement Davies (MP of Montgomer), Mr. Frederick Willey (MP of Sunderland, North); Mr. John Hall (MP of Wycombe); Mr. R. W. Sorensen (MP of Leyton); Mr. Graham Page (MP of Crosby); Mr. E. L. Mallalieu (MP of Brigg); Mr. Walter Elliot (MP of Glasgow, Kelvingrove); Mr. Geoffrey de Freitas (MP of Lincoln); Mr. Richard Fort (MP of litheroe)[ Mr. Philip Bell (MP of Bolton, East); Mr. Arthur Creech Jones (MP of Wakefield); Lord John Hope (The Under-Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations), Mr Stormont Mancroft, Lord Lucas of Chilworth, Lord Foringdon, Lord Ogmore, Earl of Swinton, Lord Salter, Lord Winater, Lord Grantchester, Earl Attlee, Lord Rennel, Lord Barnby, Lord Milverton, and Mr. Alan Lennox-Boyd (The Secretary of State for the Colonies).

It is currently not known, the amount of money that these MPs and Lords were paid to put through this bill, but what we do know is that most of the people who debated or wrote this Act into existence would never have stepped foot on Ghanaian soil. They therefore would have had no experience of who we Ghanaians were or how we lived. Further to this, the Act completely excludes any mention of our Nation's own Sovereign Rulers and Lands, Gentry and Peerage. Ghana's Paramount Kings, Queen Mothers, Chief Priests, Okomfors and all our Holy peoples of Sovereign status – that were equivalent to the men and women who sit in the British 'House of Lords', were never made privy to the creation, wording and timing of this Act. Hence it goes without saying, that they were never invited to give their royal assent to the Act, ensuring that they would never be able to attend Commonwealth or United Nations meetings or have their Royal Authority recognised on the world stage.


According to the Nation Protector Gods that Queen Mother serves, when our Great Warrior Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa fought to defend the Golden Stool, she automatically became an Independent 'Protector of the Soul of the Nation', a ‘Defender of the Faith of our Holy Ancestors’ and a 'Chief Justice of the Land'. After she died on the 17th October 1921, she also became a Warrior Saint and the ‘Queen of our Nation in Heaven'. With all these 'Superwoman or Wonder-woman' Titles under her belt she earned herself and her successor a prominent and permanent place on the world stage and inside its history books.

Image: (Left) Promotion for the 2017 Festival of Saint Yaa Asantewaa in Ghana; to honour the Super Human Grand Mother who became Queen of Ghana in Heaven. (Centre) Obaa Ohemaa in the Royal Circle at the Presidential inauguration in 2017. (Right) The fictional Wonder Woman character that the United Nations bizarrely created just last year, at the same time when Obaa Ohemaa travelled to Seychelles to mark the 95th anniversary of the passing of a real Wonder-Woman – Saint Yaa Asantewaa. After making the character a fake honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls – they later stripped the fictional character of this role after complaints about the sexual objectification of women and girls.

But this place was stripped and stolen from her firstly by Queen Victoria, under whose authority the terrorising British Soldiers and Governor began their evil War to steal the Golden Stool; and secondly by Queen Elizabeth in 1957, who under the guise of giving our Nation Independence, surreptitiously stole away Saint Yaa Asantewaa's Heavenly titles: Nyame Adom – By the Grace of God - Queen of Ghana and Mother of the Nation. (Order of St. Micheal & St. George)

At the end of the Yaa Asantewaa War and the Golden Stool, the British colonial criminals who were hell bent on stealing the Golden Stool from the Asante Nation on the secret orders of Joseph Chamberlain, kidnapped Saint Yaa Asantewaa's daughter in order to force our Great Warrior Queen to surrender. After paying many bribes for her betrayal, she was taken to the Kumasi Fort on 3rd March 1901.

There they forced her to hand over 'Four Stools' and in so doing they stole away from her, her Royal Authority. They also physically stripped her of her clothes and her Royal Dignity and they took away her Royal Golden Chain of Authority. By doing all of these cruel and inhumane things to her, the records show that the British completely violated her Human Rights, because their actions against her contravened the articles written in the 1899 Hague Convention with respect to the Laws and Customs of War on Land.

These horrific Acts began the long process of transfer, that the British Empire, employed to have command and control over the Royal Property & Possessions and the Spiritual Titles that belonged to Ghana's own Warrior Queen. Like Hercules, her Powers were given to her by Almighty God - to Save her Nation and the World from the 'Evils' of the British Empire.

On 25th April 1901 Governor Matthew Nathan assented, on behalf of King Edward VII, to the detention and deportation of our Warrior Queen along with 45 other Chiefs, war captains and linguists who fought in the War.

Image: An excerpt from ‘The Ashanti Political Prisoners' Detention and Deportation Ordinance [Act]1901' assented to on 25th April 1901 which lists Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa and other Chiefs who fought against the British.

They were sent to Victoria, a small city on the remote island of Mahe, Seychelles in the Indian ocean. This was done deliberately, to cut our Queen off from her own homeland and from her own (African) continent, so as to make the transfer of her National, Spiritual Titles and Powers to the British Nation and its own Queen possible. She passed away 21 years after she arrived in the Seychelles. At this point her Independent 'Queen of the Warrior Nation' Title passed into interregnum until such time as Almighty God was ready to appoint her 'Spiritual Successor'. What is given by Almighty God, is also reappointed by Almighty God and not by human beings.

Following her death, according to the findings of the traditional Buddhist and Ghanaian priests that Obaa Ohemaa has worked with, the British unlawfully took possession of Saint Yaa Asantewaa's Holy relics so that they could use her bones to employ dark satanic means to ensure that they could block and prevent any Successor that had been appointed by Almighty God, from continuing her work here on Earth. Whilst they fully knew they could not stop a successor from coming back, they also knew that they had to make sure that they would do everything in their power to destroy and prevent her God appointed successor - Obaa Ohemaa Saa Pogh'Naa, from being able to take her title and powers back from Queen Elizabeth and the British Nation.

They did a similar thing to the powerful Warrior Queen Mother, Mbuya Nehanda of Zimbabwe who also commanded an Army to defend her Nation against the British Diamond Thieving colonial criminal Cecil Rhodes, during the 1st Chimurenga. At the end of the war the British captured Queen Mother Mbuya Nehanda and they hung her on 27 April 1898. They then cut her body into 8 pieces and distributed them to stately homes, government buildings, churches and museums in England as well as the Parliament building in Harare.

Because Queen Victoria died, before Queen Yaa Asantewaa, it was only until the next British Queen took the throne again 51 years later, that they could complete their wicked plan to fully transfer all her Titles and powers out of her own Nation into the hands of their 'Title Thieving' Queen. In the Akan tradition, a man/King cannot inherit the powers of a woman/Queen Mother. Thus the final part of their transfer, sneakily took place during the time-line of events when the British Queen and Government claimed to our people, the United Nations and the whole world that they were given us our Independence in 1957.

The Ghana Independence Time-line in Relation to Saint Yaa Asantewaa

As her 'Mother of the Nation' Title was conferred upon her by Almighty God, it must have been the Great Spirit and Soul of Saint Yaa Asantewaa, that invoked itself inside those men who chose the name of our Nation to be called 'Ghana'. The word Ghana is said to come from Mali – and means the 'Land of the Warrior Queen-King'.

7th February 1957
A statement is issued by the Royal Commission in the British House of Lords at 5.00pm stating that the newly named 'Ghana Nation' Independence Bill has now received Royal Assent. At 5.20pm, a similar corroborating statement is issued in the British House of Commons.

22nd February 1957
Queen Elizabeth issued a proclamation that was sent to Ghana from the Court of St James Palace in London, which is the HQ for the Order of St. Michael & St. George. The Proclamation made Charles Noble Arden Clarke, the Governor-General and Commander-In-Chief in and over Ghana, under the Sign Manual and Signet of the British Queen, Elizabeth, despite the fact that we had just become a newly ‘Independent’ Nation.

Image: (Left) Sir Charles Noble Arden-Clarke KCMG, Governor of the Gold Coast and later Governor-General of Ghana in his colonial regalia at a Chieftaincy Ceremony in Accra in the early 1950S. (Right) The Star of a Knight or Dame Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George awarded to individuals, particularly British governors, who have carried out important or loyal service in the realm of foreign and commonwealth affairs.

6th March 1957
This was the date assigned as the appointed day for Ghana’s Independence apparently at the suggestion of Kwame Nkrumah who chose the date because it coincided with the date that the British gained more influence over the country through the Bond of 1844. Ghana was also recognised as a member of the Commonwealth on this date.

Although the Ghana Independence Act states that “Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom shall have no responsibility for the government of Ghana or any part thereof”, yet history records that the following members of Queen Elizabeth's government and other British representatives were sent to Accra with the responsibility of enacting and being a prominent part of Ghana's Independence celebrations:

Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark (who was also the Duchess of Kent), represented the British monarch Elizabeth, Rab Butler who was the Home Secretary and Lord Privy Seal, the Minister of State for Colonial Affairs and the United Kingdom High Commissioner in Ghana. The Foreign Secretary however, did not attend. Lord Dundee, Jim Griffiths, MP for Llanelly, John Hall, MP for Wycombe and Glenvil Hall the MP for Colne Valley on behalf of the British Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union also attended. The Armed Forces of the United Kingdom were represented by the cruiser H.M.S Ceylon with a Royal Marine detachment, by a frigate, H.M.S. "Mounts Bay" and by detachments of the Royal Air Force, including four Valiant aircraft. Other Commonwealth Governments were also represented by units of their Armed Forces.

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Image: (Left) An excerpt from the Ghana Independence Act which states that Ghana is “part of Her Majesty’s dominions” whilst also stating that “Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom shall have no responsibility for the government of Ghana”. (Right) Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah dances with Queen Elizabeth’s royal representative, the Duchess of Kent, at the “Independence” celebrations.

8th March
Ghana becomes a member of the United Nations after an application telegram was sent to the Secretary General for Ghana to join despite the fact that the Governor General had not yet begun the formal proceedings to change the name of our Nation from the Gold Coast to Ghana.

6th May
Charles Noble Arden Clarke, Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George, issued his own proclamation to change the name of the Gold Coast to Ghana, despite the fact that they had already celebrated Ghana's Independence witnessed by many commonwealth leaders and representatives of the self declared Independent United States. Surely the Governor-General, should have made the proclamation of the name change before the Independence Day Celebrations and before registering the Nation as Ghana at the United Nations?

4th June
Saint Yaa Asantewaa's Title, the Queen of Ghana, is transferred to Queen Elizabeth, by the command of the Governor-General, Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George despite the fact that the British Queen had no ancestral or God given heritage and inheritance rights in Ghana to be given this Title; no reincarnation right to accession of this Title; no possession of crown or stool that Ghanaians had been formally and openly made aware of to be given this Title; no palace or Royal House in Ghana to accompany the Title and no blood lineage relationship with any royal family in Ghana to have the right to use or be given this Title.

Image: An excerpt from the Act authorised by Prime Minister, Kwame Nkrumah, that gave the highest title in the Land, ‘Queen of Ghana’ to Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom despite her never having visited the Nation prior to this Act.

Despite the fact that we had just become a newly Independent Nation, in passing this Act, Charles Noble Arden Clarke and the Order of St Michael and St George of St James' Palace used Kwame Nkrumah, who was acting as Prime Minister, to once again strip our newly created Nation of the 'Independent Warrior Queen of the Nation’ Title that Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa had attained whilst she was on Earth and had been confirmed upon her by Almighty God when she was received into the Heavenly Orders of the Saints of her own Royal and Holy Ancestors.

An ironic coincidence it is not; that this action is a repeat of what they did to her on the 3rd of March 1901, when she was inhumanely stripped of her clothes, her Royal Dignity and her newly gained Titles at the Kumasi Fort. In this way, the stolen Title gave the British Queen Elizabeth and her Nation the right to continue to hold onto all of the Four Stools that Queen Yaa Asantewaa was wrongly forced to hand over in 1901 at the Kumasi Fort. It also give her the right to maintain and keep in her nation's possession all of the millions and millions of pounds worth of Royal Ancestral Gold that had been stolen from Ghana during the colonial era.

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Obaa Ohemaa will continue this article as a 3 part series. But before this part finishes she would like to pose an important question to her readers: Why didn't the United States of America make King George III, the King of America after it declared itself Independent on the 4th July 1776? Surely it can be said that Ghana Independence has not really taken place at all as it defeats the whole purpose of becoming Independent if after you gain it, you are hoodwinked and cheated into making the Governor General and Monarch of the same country that colonised you, the Commander-In-Chief and Queen of your newly Independent Nation.

Unlike the United States, Ghana does not have its own 'Declaration of Independence'. It was the white people (and not the Indigenous Native Indians) of the 13 Colonies of the United States, that actually declared their own Independence from Britain after the extremely bloody Wars they called the American Revolution. The United Kingdom did not give the United States its Independence, like it did Ghana under the terms and conditions debated by their own Lords and MPs.

By making the then British Governor Charles Noble Arden Clarke, the Governor-General and the Commander in Chief in and over Ghana, and by giving the white Queen of the United Kingdom, the Queen of Ghana title; Ghana found itself once again being ruled by the British for 3 years after the 6th March 1957. Politically we must conclude that this move ensured that our Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah would be forced to take our newly independent nation down the road of becoming a Republic by referendum (3 years later), in order to ditch our newly acquired white Queen at least as Queen of Ghana but not as head of the commonwealth. So in 1960 Ghana became a republic like the Republic of the United States of America, yet quite unlike the the United States of America, our Independence was not self determined.

This year, before we celebrate 6th March 1957 as our own Independence Day, and the 1st July as Republic Day, Obaa Ohemaa hopes that this article which is written with the power of Saint Yaa Asantewaa in their capacity as an untiers of knots, will shine the light of Nyame into the eyes of our Nation, and will eventually serve to make our own President, our own People and the Parliamentarians who have been selected to sit on the Ghana at 60 Committee more aware of the hidden truths that are secretly lying behind our acting out our Nation's Independence Day celebrations on the 6th of March. It is an Independence not by the command of our own Warrior Queen, Saint Nana Yaa Asantewaa, but by the command of the White Queen of the United Kingdom and the Lords and MPs of her parliament.

Is it any wonder that we were tricked, given that this is the very same Parliament that also brought to us: Their Slave Trading Africa Trade Acts that sent millions of our people into Slavery in the Americas; their own Slavery Abolition Act that signalled the start of Europe's colonial exploitations all over our continent; and not forgetting their evil colonial prisoners act, that sent King Prempeh, his Mother and many other Chiefs and our Great Warrior Queen Yaa Asantewaa into exile. I ask my fellow Ghanaians, can we really say that the 6th March is 'Our Independence', or is it 'Their Independence'.

This article is presented by the Royal Shrine House of Obaa Ohemaa Saa Pogh'Naa and it contains years of sacred knowledge gained from the many initiations she has undergone in Ghana, South Africa, Peru, Nepal, Gabon, Indonesia, Thailand and Ecuador to awaken her reincarnation. It also reflects the deep knowledge and understanding she has gained from performing her 'Protector of the Nation Healing Ceremonies' in Europe, Britain, America, Asia and Africa - for the benefit of enlightening all of Gods children in Ghana and Africa, Asia, America whose Ancestors were enslaved and colonised on the continent and in the Diaspora; and all sentient beings. Obaa Ohemaa's Nation Protector Gods, work under the maxim of bringing the light of Nyame out of Great Darkness and they have the great power to be 'Untier of Knots'

To learn more about the information contained in this article, please come and attend a Memorial event during our upcoming Festival of Saint Yaa Asantewaa, the Exiled Chiefs & The Four Stools in Ghana. The 3rd March Memorial event – marks the day Saint Yaa Asantewaa was arrested at the Kumasi Fort. The 28th March Press Conference, marks the day known as the 'Provocation of Frederick Hodgson' - at the National Museum (TBC). The 2nd April Memorial event at Elmina Castle - marks the day when Saint Yaa Asantewaa was sent to the Castle before leaving her homeland forever. Please call us on 0507 343 029 to learn more about the Festival events, or you can also email us at [email protected] to register your interest or to receive our event news updates.

Obaa Ohemaa is now available for private audiences in Accra, with people who would like to receive spiritual healing and consultations, for problems that they need the light of Nyame to be shined upon. To Book an appointment or to find out more about her working days of Her Royal Shrine House in Accra (Spintex Road-Kotobabie) - please contact her assistant on 0561 280 268 or you can email your booking to:

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