22.03.2005 General News

Foundation calls for formation of Housing Panels

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Accra, March 22, GNA - Pinnacle Housing Foundation, a private social housing organisation, on Tuesday called for the formation of Housing Panels at all levels of the country's administration to facilitate consultation and development of a national policy that promotes a unitary development plan.

In addition, the Foundation is also calling for a specific legislation, which would address the provision of social rented housing units for all housing development projects.

Mr Mark Ankrah, Managing Director of the Foundation, told Journalists in Accra that such a plan would ensure that there was an adequate supply of land for new housing and allowed all sectors to make valuable contributions to meet different housing needs of the various income groups.

This would also encourage public and private sector participation in the provision of rented housing, shared ownership schemes and lower cost homes for sale or lease as well as other dwelling types that meet the needs of different income groups.

"These complementary policies should ensure that the need for low cost market housing is met through policies for residential conversions, improvement, redevelopment for the protection of small family housing."

Mr Ankrah said a survey conducted by the organisation on housing needs last year showed that the priority need was overwhelmingly for social rented accommodation and a small element of shared ownership.

He said the survey further indicated that over 70 per cent of workers in the country would be unable to buy houses at prevailing rates.

Mr Ankrah said social housing, which refers to the provision of accommodation and related services to the needy regardless of the cost, was the only means to cater for the housing needs of Ghanaians.

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