18.03.2005 General News

Rawlings Accused Of Causing Civil Unrest

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A Group calling itself the Coalition of Democratic Forces has accused former president Jerry John Rawlings of masterminding the Wahala demonstrations, citing various reasons for their claim.

The Group comprising Peace Seekers International, the Association of Reformed CDR Members and National Citizens Council on Human Rights told a news conference on Wednesday that they had evidence of a sinister motive being championed by the former president.

Consequently the group says it will hold a counter demonstration depending on the outcome of tomorrow's protests against the fuel price hikes.

President of the Association of Reformed CDR Members, Chief Inspector Alidu told the news conference that it was unfair for Mr. Rawlings, Kwesi Pratt and their supporters to ask the government to review the fuel price increases and then demand a response within one week.

“ When did Kwesi Pratt become the spokesman for the demonstrators? It is just because Rawlings after having praised him that he is the best journalist, become swollen-headed and got himself involved, this is why we are very sure that Rawlings and the NDC are behind this. How do you expect a government to take a decision in seven days, you are not being fair to the government.” He said.

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