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18.06.2016 Press Release

We Feel Neglected - NDC Youth Of Chiana-paga Constituency.

By NDC Youth of Chiana-Paga Constituency
We Feel Neglected - NDC Youth Of Chiana-paga Constituency.
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First of all, We the NDC Youth of Chiana-Paga Constituency wish to express our sincere condolences to His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama for the demise of His late Mother Hajia Habiba . May her soul rest in perfect peace.

It's very sad to note that the Ruling NDC party has lost interest in the Chiana-Paga Constituency seat. The very seat that is being occupied by its own candidate Hon. Abuga Pele. The very seat that voted massively for His Excellency John Dramani Mahama and Hon. Abuga Pele in 2012. The very seat which the NDC government took for granted and decided to prosecute it's member of parliament over the controversial GYEEDA scandal where its even clear that it's a deliberate act just to cripple the famous Hon. Abuga Pele. Even renowned men of God, Lawyers, Anti Corruption Crusaders, even members of the main opposition party have come out openly to defend our humble Member of Parliament (Hon. Abuga Pele ) and if one follows the court proceedings correctly, they will all attest to the fact that Hon. Abuga Pele Insha Allah will be vindicated soon.

What at all have we done to deserve this embarrassment?

We feel the NDC's National Executive Committee and His Excellency John Mahama are clearly asking us to advise ourselves. It's about five months to the general elections but the Ruling NDC party has not conducted primaries to choose its parliamentary candidate . The constituency is not a 'sure banker' for the NDC and we see no reason why the primaries should be delayed. And We think there should be enough time for reconsilation after the primaries.

You will all agree with us that there cannot be active campaign when the primaries are yet to be conducted, Giving the opposition candidate who happens to be a Royal enough time to get to interact with the constituents Whiles we are still fighting among ourselves just to get our preferred candidate elected at the primaries. And this is doing more harm than good to the Great NDC party.

We the People in Chiana-Paga Constituency will from now on be relactant towards party activities because we think the NDC and The President do not care if we Vote or not. We the Constituents think we are neglected after doing what we could do best for the President and the member of Parliament to win the elections. We had the highest percentage in the Region for the President and see what we are being paid for our loyalty to the Great NDC party.

In addition, we will like to make known to the general public the rumors which is circulating in the Chiana-Paga Constituency;

1. Some National Executives have their preferred candidate which they want to impose on the constituents.

And we will strongly resist that move.
2. That the Ruling NDC is planning to abandon Chiana-Paga Constituency Member of Parliament if he wins for an independent candidate who will eventually come when he looses the bid to be an NDC parliamentary candidate.

Has the NDC NEC forgotten what happened in 2008?
Is the NDC giving out the seat to the NPP on a silver platter?

And Can't we the constituents make our own decision as to who will be our parliamentary candidate?

Any way, we believe that if one is loyal to the party, he will be loyal to his constituents. But that is if Loyalty really matters to NDC National Executive Committee. Because we believe in loyalty and we will support the Loyal candidate who has always been there for the party no matter the situation.

We are therefore giving the NEC a three day ultimatum to come out with a fix date for the primaries to be held, if not we will advice ourselves accordingly. Thank you

Hajj Seidu Sulemana, Chairman.
Nyaaba Peter.
Webadua Emmanuel.
Akolgo Monica.
Mrs. Georgina Weseh.

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