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09.06.2016 NDC News

Vote NDC Out! Sacked Carl Wilson Pops Up

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A known National Democratic Congress (NDC) loyalist, whose name became synonymous with confiscation of vehicles under dubious circumstances during the reign of President John Evans Atta Mills, has challenged Ghanaians to vote massively against President John Mahama and his NDC government.

According to him, the president has failed woefully.

Carl Wilson, who was the former chairman of the Confiscated Vehicles Committee (CVC) but had to be sacked by President Mills over allegations of abuse of office and corruption, lambasted President Mahama for failing the youth in particular, saying he (president) cannot go to them (youth) to canvass for votes.

He told Rainbow Radio in Accra yesterday that the NDC government was overseeing corruption, mismanagement, incompetence, insincerity and so President Mahama did not deserve to be re-elected in November.

'Ghana Move'
Mr Carl Wilson, who appears to have deserted the NDC and formed a political movement called 'Ghana Move,' claimed he rallied the youth to vote for President Mahama in 2012 but could not go back to the same group of people to campaign for Mr Mahama this year because he had failed.

”Can he confidently go back to the youth and rally their support? If he can confidently do that, then he will be the next president of Ghana. But the system is bad. The youth are disappointed. I am not the one saying it,” he said, adding, “If things are working just as the NDC claims, then why are the youth complaining?” he queried.

Carl Wilson, a former NDC aspirant at Weija, said Ghana is no longer working under President Mahama and called on the youth in particular to vote massively against the NDC government.

”The youth on the streets today are hopeless. So we have to do something to lay the foundation for Ghana to move again. And for Ghana to move again, we have to find a way to separate the presidency from the dictates of any political party,” Carl observed.

Fake Social Democrats
He said the NDC touts itself as a social democratic government but has failed to implement pro-poor policies, saying that the NDC “should be a party with policies that can address the plight of the people, especially the young ones. However, this government has failed to do so.”

Mr Carl Wilson said Ghana at the moment needs a president who will be independent of any political party control, and called on the youth to come together to support what he called “a viable independent candidate” with policies that can transform the economy and for that matter their lives. He stressed that the NDC had failed as a social democratic party.

He accused the Mahama-led government of running a 'tax government' and noted that that had led to the collapse of many businesses and killed the dreams and hopes of young people.

Confiscated Vehicles Puzzle
Asked about his role at the CVC, Carl Wilson claimed he was sacked because of his fight against corruption in the NDC government under the late President Mills.

He said, however, that his removal from office had afforded him the opportunity to “find solutions to the current rot in government, and the solution is: the youth of Ghana have to rise.”

Singing the national youth anthem, he said the time had come for young people to rise and rise forcefully because “we do not need a strong political party like the NDC and NPP.”

He said the time had come for Ghanaians to reject political parties like the NDC and the NPP and push for an independent presidency.

He added that the current situation had compelled President Mahama to take decisions in the interest of his party and not those of the voters who elected him into office.

“The future of this country is in the hands of the youth who form 70 percent of the voter population; and that tells me that the future of this country is in the hands of the youth,” Carl Wilson underscored.

Mr Wilson also granted an interview to Metro TV on Tuesday and said Ghana's political system “does not have checks and balances,” noting that that had adversely affected the fight against corruption.

“It has created the absence of checks and balances in the system; that is making it difficult for whoever cheats as president to rule with the powers granted to him by the Constitution.

“So as I said, it is not per se the one running but it is the system that we inherited which is the problem and which is ineffective. That is the system that I will urge the youth of this country to come together and say 'enough is enough' and then we find a solution to elect an open president as the president of this country.”

By William Yaw Owusu

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