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19.12.2004 Diaspora News

Ghanaians Should Patronize Ghanaian Foods From Ghanaians

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Albert Kwasi-Kumah ADZAYI a Ghanaian business-man resident in Switzerland said Ghanaian overseas could be making a whole lot of contribution into the Ghanaian economy if they buy Ghanaian products from Ghanaians own business overseas. Economists and analysts say the more some one consumes his nation's product outside his nation's boundary; the person is automatically making financial contribution into his nation's economy.

He said, Ghanaians like their home made products; especially the food items like smocked fish, yam, corn-dough, cassava-dough, plantain-ampesie, gari, Zomi, kenkey etc. and by buying these items from Ghanaian own business overseas they would be supporting not only the Ghanaian business but also contribution greatly to the development of the Ghanaian economy at home.

He is therefore urging Ghanaian Overseas Residents to avoid buying from Sri-Lankan, Lebanese, Indian and any other shops. They purchase Ghanaian products and sell them at broken prices in other to do away with the contribution that we could be making back into our economy in Ghana. They are doing away with even the little that we earn outside Ghana.

Patronize Ghanaian shops to help promote Ghanaian business overseas and help us to assist our hard working farmers by purchasing from them at a FAIRE TRADE PRICE.

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