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The First Ever Ghana UK Political Party Debate by Ludwig Nii Jr

The First Ever Ghana UK Political Party Debate by Ludwig Nii Jr

On Wednesday 4th of November 2015 the first ever Ghana UK Political Party Debates was organised and hosted by Ludwig Nii Jr, CEO of SWISH HQ. The entertainment show which is aired in 4 countries including Ghana and UK.

Ludwig Nii Jr organised these debate as part of his “Community empowerment engagement forums” Ludwig Nii Jr informed that he is known for giving Ghanaian the best in exclusive entertainment updates and TV shows from the UK however in doing so, he came across many Ghanaians in the UK who felt left out of the Ghana political process due to living in the UK.

Ludwig said he realised that there are many people who are stakeholders in Ghana because they invest in Ghana, build houses and businesses, send money, have family in Ghana and some are even in the process of returning to Ghana, however by virtue of their jurisdiction, it means that there are not able to fully take part in the political process and thus alienating the Ghanaian community in the United Kingdom.

Ludwig Nii Jr therefore decided to take it upon himself to fund the first ever Ghana UK political debate to provide a forum for Ghanaians in the UK to engage with their Ghanaian political affiliates in a live debate in front of an audience made up of the Ghanaians . This is so that a dialogue can begin with Ghana UK political affiliates to see how best Ghanaians can all assist and contribute in shaping the future of Ghana.

The NPP, PPP, NDC, and CPP were invited however the NDC did not turn up, and the reason that they gave was very poor considering the NDC are the incumbent government. Ludwig said he is not going to publicly give the reason why the NDC did not attend, people who to know should contact the NDC because he aims to create a “forum for community engagement and empowerment” and not a forum for political bickering.

Even though the NDC did not turn up, the debate was LIVE on Amansan radio, Safari radio and Ahomka from the arena. Ludwig said he gave the listeners and supporters of NDC opportunities to ring or text to challenge or give their views on the questions asked as well as to make some contributions to the debate as it was effectively about the LIVES of Ghanaians, but there was no official response.

The political party that represented were as follows

Yaw Buabu Addae- Aboagye - CPP
David Owusu-Yianoma - NPP
Mr. Kit Yawson - PPP
A surprised guest was the beautiful winner of Miss Pride of Africa UK2015 Debra who is a Ghanaian. Debra attended because she is interested in the youth of Ghana..

People entered the doors with expectations and excitement to hear the parties views on issues raised by the public and Ludwig Nii Jr.

The debate started with disagreements and in many ways all the parties made it known that the current political ruling party are not interested in the well being of the Ghanaian public.

Some of the important made by the political parties are as follows:

CPP: Yaw Buabu Addae- Aboagye

  • Anyone can come to register. All you need is a birth certificate to be on the voters register Ghana has no excuse not to have a national ID card, other African countries have national ID
  • Ideology is important for Ghana and as a political party this will help and makes us grow as a country.
  • We can grow our own food without depending on outside forces to support the development of the Ghanaian economy.

PPP: Mr. Kitt Yawson

  • Ghana is the only country which took 8 months to conclude an election, we want to change that
  • Our solution is an agenda for change through stewardship, education, health care and job creation.

NPP: David Owusu-Yianoma

  • A new registration system is fundamental for a free election.
  • My dream is that the people of Ghana would be proud to be a part of Ghana and so that we can all want to return to Ghana
  • NPP, stands for development and freedom, therefore Ghana experienced the greatest economic growth in the history, when Kufuor was in power. That period was described as the golden era.

NDC: Absent
Ludwig Nii Jr informed that he has more Ghana UK Political Debates scheduled for 2016 and he hopes that all invited will turn up in the interest of Ghana because he is funding an event to aid Ghana move forward together

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Audio to follow shortly

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