26.10.2004 Gossips

NDC in Possesion of Occultist Tapes from Kara.

By Palaver
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The NPP's security and intelligence agencies contracted a South African Company to conduct opinion polls and surveys in January and June 2004 whose results put the NDC's John Evans Atta-Mills ahead of the NPP's John Agyekum Kufuor by 5% and drastically respectively, which results put so much fear in President Kufuor and his strategists that it sent him on his way straight to the village of Kara in Northern Togo, the birthplace of President Gnassingbe Eyadema.

President Kufuor was going to kara on a weekly basis for four weeks, where spiritualist and occultist ceremonies for the strengthening of the President were organised, which ceremonies were fortunately or unfortunately photographed and tape-recorded by a cameraman who used to work with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC).

Following a leakage of the photographs and the tapes which are currently in the possession of some leading NC personalities, the photographer in question has been dismissed from the GBC and is currently the target of extreme harassment, whilst frantic efforts are being made to recover and retrieve the photographs and tapes of the bloody Kara ceremonies from the suspected custody of the of the leading NDC personalities through a system of targeted searches and interrogations?

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