11.10.2004 Regional News

President's Guard Assaulted Me

By Ghanaian Chronicle
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... Alleged victim cries out and threatens to sue police

MADAM MARIAN Coffie, wife of Mr. Kwadwo Coomson who was allegedly assaulted by presidential guards during the celebration of this year's Fetu Afahye festival, has appealed to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Nana Owusu Nsiah to bring those policemen to justice.

Making her appeal through The Chronicle on Wednesday, Coffie said she was surprised at the behaviour of the police in subjecting her husband to beatings "for a mere appeal or suggestion in the era of constitutional rule," adding, " I felt my husband had been disgraced."

Since the incident, Coomson alias (Kwadwo Hobo) has been behaving strangely towards his children, according to Madam Coffie.

This is because he felt he had been disgraced before his children and friends.

"I want these policemen to be dealt with so that everybody will attest to the fact that Ghana is under constitutional rule where rule of law is supreme," Madam Coffie told The Chronicle.

She said the police had persistently refused to give her the names of those policemen despite several requests, threatening that if the IGP failed to bring them to justice, she would sue the police service.

Madam Coffie said upon her own investigations, she had been able to fish out the names of the policemen involved.

The Chronicle reported the assault of Coomson, an elderly citizen of Cape-Coast by some policemen who were alleged to be part of the presidential guards during ceremonies to climax the Fetu Afahye on September 4, 2004.

Coomson was said to have challenged the police for openly displaying AK47 guns at a drinking spot.

The policemen allegedly took offence at the advice by Coomson to keep their guns away while they were at the public drinking place and assaulted him in the full glare of his family and friends who could not help but scream.

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