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Russia & Nigeria: Bola Tinubu And Vladimir Putin,Bola Ige And Vladimir Lenin `et al

Russia & Nigeria: Bola Tinubu And Vladimir Putin,Bola Ige  And Vladimir  Lenin `et al

Sergey Brin, Google's American cofounder and Russian emigrant, once said that Russia was "Nigeria with snow. Indeed there are interesting developments between Russiaand Nigeria the leading countries for oil and gas production in Europe and Africa.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Nigerian ex Vice presidential asprirant Bola Tinubu were both born in 1952.

Putin had once been described as the world"s most powerful man and Tinubu Nigeria"s most powerful Politician.

Putin attended Lenin State University and Tinubu,Chicago State University. furthemore Vladimir Lenin Russian and first President of Soviet Union and Bola Ige Nigerian Presidential aspirant were both Lawyers, both of socialist orientation and both emerged best students of their respective secondary schools Lenin and Ige both studied the classical languages of Latin and Greek.

In addition to Russian,Lenin Spoke Three other languages,German,French and English.

In addition to English ,Bola Ige spoke three other languages,Yoruba,Hausa and Igbo.

Lenin and Ige have both been described as Orators.
Lenin was shot but he survived assasination. Bola ige was assasinated.

Lenin and Ige were both Publishers.
LLenin belonged to the Marxist Circle and Ige belonged to the Zikist movement

There are other interesting developments between Russian and Nigeria.

Russian Billionaire, and Richest Russian, Alister Usmanov and ex-military administrator of Lagos, Nigeria"sRichest State,, Buba Marwa were both born on September 9 1953.

Usmanov studied International Law at the Moscow Institute of International Relations whereas Marwa, studied International Relations at the Pittsburg University.

Usmanov and Marwa have both been arrested on suspicion of Bribery and corruption and Financial crimes respectively.

They were both discharged later on.
Usmanov and Marwa are both Muslims.
March 5 1937 is the official Birthdate of the Women loving Olusegun Obasanjo,now ex Nigerian President.

March 6 1937 saw the birth of the Russian Valentina Tereskhova, first President Soviet Women"s committee.

Obasnjo and Tereskhova are both ex soldiers.
Obasanjo initiated Nigeria"s Space Research and Development Programme and Teresknova was first woman in outerspace.

Russia leads Europe in applications of Space science,

Nigeria leads Africa in applications of Space Science.

March 9 1934 saw the birth of the Pioneers, Cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin a Russian,

and Otunda Subomi Michael Balogun.
Gagarin,first Man in outerspace and Balogun founder of the first fully owned indigenous Mercahnt Bank.

every letter in "otunba" except "b" you find in "Cosmonaut" , Yuri rhymes with Subomi, every letter in Michael except M you find in

Alekseyevich. Gagarin and Balogun are both seven letters

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