Book Launch : ‘A Country to Love and to Serve’ - Memoire by a Ghanaian Diplomat

By Kwaku Acheampong
Diaspora (Belgium) Book Launch : A Country to Love and to Serve - Memoire by a Ghanaian Diplomat
JUN 28, 2015 LISTEN

Ambassador Mrs Nana Bema Kumi, Ghana’s former Ambassador to Belgium, Luxemburg and the European Union launched her memoirs in Brussels on Saturday, 20th June 2015, at a well attended function which was graced by the Secretary-General of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of Countries (ACP) as well as Ambassadors and hundreds of Ghanaians in Diaspora from Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Holland and the United Kingdom.

The Reviewer, Professor Victor Essien of Fordham Law School in New York, in presenting the book which covers Ambassador Kumi’s thirty-five years of distinguished service in the Ghana Foreign Service, highlighted the main themes which run through the book as including the following: the art and science of modern diplomacy, the challenges of a career woman, protecting and promoting the national interest, and how to improve Africa’s fortunes in the global community. He described as a recommended reading for students and scholars of African diplomacy and international affairs.

The author decries the dependency syndrome which characterises Africa’s relationship with the rest of the world and calls for a turn towards more self reliance as well as sustained capacity building for African diplomats to enable them better defend Africa’s positions on global issues. She resolves to do something about capacity building for African diplomats and has, since March, 2011, established the Institute of Diplomatic Practice and Development Policies in Accra.

Ghana Council Belgium
Brussels, 20th June, 2015