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Mahama's Communications Team Has Failed Him

Mahama's Communications Team Has Failed Him
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Businessman and sports administrator, Herbert Mensah, has chastised members of the government’s communication team at the Presidency for failing the president. This, he said has created the impression that the President is “totally insensitive to the people’s pains.”

Mr. Mensah lamented that “this past period has seen probably the worst levels of communication skills I have seen between any form of government and its people.” The country’s economy has been hit in recent times with a raging energy crisis and other challenges, leading to thousands of job cuts in many sectors of the economy.

President John Mahama has promised to fix the power crisis by the end of the year. However, Herbert Mensah believes Ghanaians have not been receiving information on how exactly the problem is being fixed.

In a video post, he said people close to President Mahama were “reacting in ways that says, Mr President don’t really care about your pain and sadly, the buck has to stop with the President.” He said it was time for the President tell the truth that “the people around you are not communicating your message properly to you.” “In much the same way the people who give wrong communication on resolving the power crisis and other related matters,” Herbert Mensah added.

He said the lack of proper communication has created an imbalance “between things that are going on and what people simply do not know. A lot of people bless him (President Mahama) apparently with being a communicator, making him come across he’s totally insensitive to the pain of the people, and I find that very sad”.

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