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30 June 2004 | Diaspora News

GCAO Mission Statement

Joe Kingsley Eyiah
"The Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario, (GCAO) is a non-profit umbrella organisation representing the unified voice and interest of all Ghanaian-Canadian individuals, religious, professional, cultural and recreational associations and organisations in Ontario. GCAO is committed to preserving and sustaining the welfare of all Ghanaian peoples within the multicultural Canadian landscape by working with all levels of governments and agencies in shaping social policies through community consultations as well as developing programs aimed at improving the quality of life for all Ghanaian residents in Ontario. GCAO will liaise with other Canadian organizations in other Provinces/Territories to represent the interest of all Ghanaian residents in Canadaā€¯ I personally agree with the above mission statement for GCAO. It serves a wider interest for all Ghanaians living in Ontario.

Also, I will to use this opportunity to thank those of you who exercised your franchise yesterday to keep the Liberals in power. We as immigrants are better off with the Liberal Party in Canada! We thank God for listening to our prayers, for, I am yet to have voting right in Canada. TOGETHER WE BUILD, DIVIDED WE DESTROY! God Bless us all.

quot-img-1A country which has a culture or a tradition which is contra to God's laws cannot claim to be a christian nation.

By: Kyei-Afrifa Mannhei quot-img-1