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How Much Does Africa Cost?

How Much Does Africa Cost?
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'There is no money in the system, noone can buy my goods,' said Richard depressed. 'The money is with our Leaders and the countries outside Ghana in Europe, USA and China,' commented Alexander.

'Let us all go to Lampedusa to get it !' suggested Richard raising from his chair.

History never repeats itself, but comes back in different forms.

Each year the USA Administration pays USD 1 Billion to finance the Army of Egypt. Without this support it would collapse.

When in 1948 the UNO was founded and Peacekeeping missions in Africa were decided with endless ongoing conflicts in Mali, Sudan, Somalia, Chad, C.A.R., DR Congo etc., countries of the White Man have spend endless amount of money for having peace in Africa that no human can imagine such a figure anymore.

Governments and private NGOs besides UNO and its organizations have supported African countries with AID money to end femine, health related desasters, financed Hospitals, Schools and supported small scale enterprises for people to make a living from. For more than sixty years this support continues with no end in sight.

The donar money does not come easy but the people in the rich countries work hard for their money from which they give something small or big to NGOs based on their religious or humanitarian believe. With open eyes they see that Africa is a bucket with a whole never been able to be filled completely.

The Marshall plan was enabling Germany after the collapse of Germany after World War II to be the strongest economy in Europe and a major player in world politics just over 15 years later, at the beginning of the 1960s, asking poorer countries like Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Italy to send their workers to clean German streets and work in cheap labour jobs being at the forefront of Communism with strong foreign influence and complete independence in 1990 only.

Who can count the amount of Debts of African countries written off in the books of IMF, Worldbank and various private and stateowned banks in the countries outside Africa?

Basel III and other regulations besides Rating Agencies make the interest rates on loans for African countries unaffordable and unworkable for African countries but due to lack of alternatives they have to go for it letting them come into a free downfall of their economies and countries at large.

The demand of Asian countries as well as Arab countries for raw materials will increase over time much faster than anticipated making the window before Africa will be empty of these blessings, spinningly shorter and shorter.

Thirty years before the end of the precious raw materials in African soil, the price will increase as the White Man's countries will fight for their high living standards to sustain opening the race for the last chances.

Latest this will be the time such countries will open their books, look into the payment for Africa and come to the conclusion it would be cheaper and easier to but African countries like any other investment in business.

Pastors and Philantropist will reject such ideas, only wise people with open eyes and a sight for the long future of human kind will realize the realistic scenario.

Can a country buy another country ? Remember, USA bought Alaska from the Russians and Germany the Bismark Atoll in the Paficic Ocean from the former King.

The people of Africa will finally accept the price offer as they will have no alternative for their country for generations to come and no trust in their Leaders hoping a good boss can manage a country as business well.

The more conflicts Africa has, the more Muslims and Christians are fighting over nonsense, the more tribalism is dominant in African hearts and societies, Africans vote in democratic countries for Leaders chopping their money, the cheaper the price for an African country like Ghana will be.

It is only a matter of time when this will happen unlessthe unexpected will happen and the societies of African will rise up and change drastically to be as effective societies like all rich once in this world.

Outside of Africa, the Buyers are on standbye!
'I love my country Ghanabut when I have no money to eat, what can I do than to sell myself to people with money ?' asked Richard.

'Ghana should become the prostitute of the White Man ?' went Alexander into protest.

'Jesus was forgiving Maria Magdalena for her sins and loved her asking her never to sin again,' replied Richard with peace in his heart.

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