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16.04.2014 Press Release

SONETCO Institute Lauds NPP For Peaceful Congress

SONETCO Institute Lauds NPP For Peaceful Congress
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SONETCO INSTITUTE congratulates the New Patriotic Party for a successful congress which elected almost a new team of executives to steer the affairs of the party, with the resolve to recapture power come elections 2016. The success of this congress goes a long way to deepen the democratic credentials of our country Ghana. To build a sterling democratic acumen as a country starts with the main players, the political parties and all relevant institutions knowing and doing that which is right.

We believe though it is a constitutional mandate of the EC to oversee the conduct of such elections in the country, the NPP is seen symbolically though to be rebuilding the broken bridges with the Electoral Commission which from all indications and monitoring by SI Intelligence Unit rise up to the occasion again by employing the best of electoral procedures and conduct.

To the newly elected executives led by Mr. Paul Afoko, SI strongly hopes that under your leadership the NPP will employ acceptable scientific and pragmatic ways of politicking that will go a long way to advance the democratic credentials of Ghana.

We strongly believe that, the success of your just ended national congress is a clarion call on the ruling National Democratic Congress to also continue to uphold the deepening of our country's democratic fortunes. We wish the NDC well as they are also warming up to elect national executives to steer the affairs of their party.

The growth of political parties goes a long way to advance the development of our nation, as with the benefit of hindsight many countries have suffered serious developmental setbacks due to political instability. We hope to experience a new wave of dispensation where issues shall be the focus of our national discourse in our quest for growth and development as a nation.

Congratulations once again to the NPP!
Long Live Sonetco Institute! Long Live Ghana
Emmanuel D. Mensah
Wednesday 17th April 2014

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