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24.03.2004 General News

"Go report to your Kufuor" -AMA Toll Collector

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...Corrupt AMA Toll Collector Has The Temerity To Taunt Hawker He Just Finished Cheating ADM has received information from some hawkers that a major syndicate being run by some employees of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly is currently engaged in issuing fake receipts for market tolls collected. Said one hawker, "When we complained to one of these AMA people involved in issuing these fake receipts, he told us that if we want we can go and 'report to your Kufuor'."

The same hawker said when they reported to the police, they were informed to "put a stamp on it", meaning a bribe, before any action would be taken. Since they did not have a "stamp" no action was taken.

New AMA boss, Nii Adjiri Blankson has an uphill task at his new job because AMA over the years has become a centre for sloth, inefficiency, graft and corruption. One of Mr. Blankson's priorities is to raise the revenue base of the assembly which he has said is woefully below what the assembly should be earning.

If ordinary market tolls are finding their way into the pockets of those entrusted with the responsibility of collecting them, we can only imagine what else is finding its way into other pockets.

A sign of the bad faith at AMA is reflected in the corrupt official having the nerve to tell a protesting hawker to go and report to "your Kufuor". These calls into question the loyalty of the civil servants at AMA.

Without loyalty, there can be no dedication and without dedication revenue collection would also not meet targets.

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