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01.02.2013 Feature Article

Proactiveness Is a Choice Made by Winners

Proactiveness Is a Choice Made by Winners
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"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves." William Shakespeare

Have you ever wished for something to happen? You'd give just about anything to get that prized thing. Or, you wanted some specific experience to take place so much it was almost agony.

And, many times, that hoped for thing doesn't materialize. For whatever reason, you just couldn't pull of making it occur. It may not have even been within your control to do it.

Pause right now for just a moment and reflect back. Think back on those things you've attained that you wanted. Whether it was getting a new TV, car, house, vacation, promotion, a date with someone, or whatever, you made it happen.

In all circumstances, part of it is in our control, and part of it is not. What is the only thing you can control? You. Your thoughts, your actions, the level of focus and the amount of energy you are willing to expend.

Your destiny, as Shakespeare calls it, is up to you to create. Those things you've gotten or experienced that hold value for you, are because you took action. You chose your course, made a plan, took action, and persisted through the ups and downs.

Your destiny results from your mind-set and then your action. Success is not created by the situations you encounter, but by your action or inaction in those experiences. Ultimately, your destiny begins within you through your willingness to step-up and take a chance while you maintain a proactive state of mind.

Go for it! You can achieve your dreams!
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