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The Sovereign Biafran State: What will it Look Like?

The Sovereign Biafran State: What will it Look Like?
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There are growing international concerns on the inevitable Sovereign Biafran State and what the global community should expect from this much-pronounced and soon-materializing beacon of light in this western part of the African continent. It has to be noted also that these concerns are not coming solely from outside of the Biafran territories; Biafrans alike have continually been asking amongst themselves and wondering what their expectation would eventually give birth to. And considering the ever-increasing and ever-diverging dissimilarities of the so-called “Federated Nigeria” and the consequences of its forced continuity, amongst which are: terrorism, religious intolerance, kidnappings, political/legal robberies and a general societal decay, even those who have fought and killed their supposed colleagues and friends during the 60s invasion of Biafra and the untold genocidal crimes which followed suit have not ruled out the possibility of "Solving Nigeria and the dangers of its continued, compelled oneness" through the separation of Biafra from the present Nigeria. To assuage the interests and concerns of the global community, the present Nigeria's elders and leaders and the Nigerian populace on the need to shun the continued catastrophic outcome of a continued One-Nigeria and to embrace the only solution to the Nigeria equation, I'd like to table a picture of the new Biafra before all.

1. International Relations: Biafrans, by birth and blood, are a people who individually understand the basics of relationships even if they have never entered the walls of a secular school. It's in the blood of Biafrans to understand that personal growths can only improve and be meaningful when we realize that growth is not altogether personal; the cord of growth intertwines us with our neighbors and roots us to our environment so we can be more fruitful. By the favor of the business spirit, every single Biafran understands that there is need to interconnect with the global community for maximum mutual benefits.
2. Citizenship: One thing the world has to get straight is that no government of a country which undermines its citizens can be said to be totally free from the rogue-spirit; countries that do not hold their citizens to heart will not make good and trusted international partners. That tells why governments of some so-called "sovereign nations" often go to the length of protecting and harboring an international murderer and terrorist even against every treaty. The land and the people of Biafra known to the world from inception abhor autocratic callousness. When a man chooses to be callous, the state has laws to clip his wings, but when a State becomes callous, its citizens, like the butterfly, mature from fear and anger to full-blown terror-machines - inflicting injuries on friends and foes alike. Every Biafran citizen will be fully accounted for and represented.
3. Security: The only reason that Nigeria lacks security and will never have one is because you cannot pour a new wine into an old wine-skin and not expect it to burst; the equation which brought about the amalgamation that birthed Nigeria is an equation of death and can only be corrected by undoing the said amalgamation. Every true businessman understands what security entails and every Biafran is, by birth and blood, a true businessman. Security in the coming Biafra is no challenge as we will be adequately equipped to maximize the potentials of our business spirit.
4. Human Rights: An age-old adage which, when translated in English from the Igbo Language, means "The Igbo (s) have no king” is an inherent democratic gift of the Biafran people. The kings of the old lorded it over all and the leaders of the present Nigeria throw their inefficiencies and arrogant international show of stupidity over all as well. In the Sovereign Biafra, both the leaders and the led will be protected by the democratic and inherent law of "Igbo Enwe Eze." There will be no room for any lawmaker to make a law, break it and then, like the Bankole of the Nigerian House of Representative, cry thus with impunity: "No court (in Nigeria) has power to try me!" In Biafra, just as the former Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich, was unhesitatingly sentenced to 14 years in prison for trying to play the Nigerian godfatherism in the US, so will the Biafran constitution protect only those who honor it and humble anyone who tries to lord his demons against the State.
5. International Appeal: This is where it gets even better; the long-awaited Biafra will be a home to/for all. Those who are saddled with the responsibility of documenting the ratio of foreigners in their countries can correctly reveal that Biafrans are spread, like the seeds of life, all over the world. And the good thing is: adaptation is home to us. We sink into any society we enter, both to become one with the inhabitants and to help in promoting their best interests. This unique gift has seen our sons and daughters married to men and women of all nationalities - like no other race, ethnic group or people throughout the world. This can only imply that the model which America has tried to sell to the world for decades without much result will be a common sight in the country called Biafra. For the Chinese, they will see Biafran children who are both Chinese and Biafran in every way. For the Americans and the Brits, their tongues, blood and ways of life will be a common sight amongst Biafrans. All over the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America, many will find reasons to make Biafra their home. The revealing of this new Biafra will solve about 47% of the UN's global challenges. Those who know how to use their calculators perfectly understand these truths.
6. Religion: Biafrans are mostly Christians and this is the best part of it; there's no compulsion! Religious compulsion feeds corrupt minds and governments, and when the ground gets too much of it, the society boils. Not only will the new Biafra allow others within the present Nigeria to fully follow their religious, circular and family ways of life, it will, through grounded for-peoples' laws, erase religious tensions anywhere in the territories of the Biafran Sovereignty.
With these realities revealed, it is clear to see that every other disturbing concern of today's Nigeria will have its solution if the blocks of Biafra. Finally, let our eyes sharply focus on the bests of ourselves as a people, a nation and the beacon of true light in Africa and to the rest of the world. As we work and anticipate the emancipation of the Black-Man all over the world through the manly endorsement of the Biafran State by the UN and the Individual Super Powers, let us all think of the best of ourselves that we can put in to sustain the dreams of the Biafran Spirit. And let us start that now.

Written by Ikechukwu Enyiagu, [email protected]

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