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14 July 2012 | Politics

Ghanaian politicians are greedy, arrogant- Prof. Akosa

Prof. Agyemang Badu Akosa
Prof. Agyemang Badu Akosa

A leading member of the opposition Convention People's Party (CPP), Prof. Agyemang Badu-Akosa has posited that politicians in Ghana are bedeviled with greed, individualism and damn arrogance.

According to him, politicians in Ghana have relegated patriotism to the background thereby looting the coffers of nation to enrich themselves.

He posited that the attitudes of Ghanaian politicians have transcended to the ordinary people in the country making everybody think of him or herself first rather than the nation.

Speaking on Asempa FM's current affairs show Ekosii-Sen Friday, Prof. Akosa noted that due to the selfish interest of politicians poverty has engulfed the people since the commencement of multi-party democracy in Ghana.

“I have seen a lot in the country but I can say that since the beginning of multi party democracy in Ghana, the Ghanaian has not seen anything good. Our education, health, economy and others have failed. We are in a mess. The politician has been greedy, individualistic, selfish and arrogant. I have also realized that due to this, the ordinary people have lost their sense of patriotism. Even taxi drivers now have English and Isreali flags in their cars forgetting that they are Ghanaians", Prof Badu Akosa noted.

The former Director General of the Ghana Health Service asserted that politics in Ghana today is a vehicle for enriching oneself thereby attracting lots of youth.

“Politics is now cheap because people know they can enrich themselves. Many of the rich men in Ghana are one way or the other been associated with politics before so why won't it attract the youth”, Prof. Akosa stated.

”Apart from Nkrumah who was selfless, all the others who came after him are selfish and arrogant. He is the only person whose underpants were with the inscription-property of Ghana”.

Prof. Akorsah debunked assertions by some people that “politicians are the same” noting that there is no way politicians can be the same because they differ in character and moral upbringings. “Politicians are not the same because if your parents were kind to others in your younger days, you will grow with it. For me, my parents were kind so it has lived with me and that I cannot be selfish and steal from Ghanaians”.

He admonished influential people in society who are reluctant to join politics to reconsider their decision because they will always be in the mess created by selfish politicians.

Story by Twum Barima/Asempa News/Ghana

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