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26.06.2012 General News

Ghana's Teething Problems

By Daily STAR
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*Zeros It To Visionless & Septuagenarian Leaders

Report: Kofi Owusu Tawiah

THE Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Golden Future Promotions, Charles Sam, has challenged the country's leadership that for Ghana to achieve economic prosperity, the paradigm must shift from aged leaders into the hands of young and more energetic youth.

“This country will continue to remain in the abyss of under development if the mantle of leadership does not change hands from the aged to the youth,” Mr. Sam stressed.

According to Golden Future Promotions CEO, Ghanaians should learn from recent happenings in the country's banking sector where young, energetic and brilliant people are spearheading their affairs.

He further challenged Ghana to compare her performance with countries which are being led by young leaders.

“Look at the leadership of the country's Parliament; they are all made up of aged people. Same applies to various sub committees, they are headed by septuagenarians. Board members of state own institutions are all headed by aged people. How can we develop with such leaders,” he asked.

Mr. Charles Sam in an interview with Daily STAR noted, “Ghana has to catch up with the rest of the world with speed because the world is about competition.” This, he observed could only be achieved by young leaders he described as “prime tool for any human endeavour.”

According to him, any politician who is cynical about the fast development of Ghana within the shortest possible time does not have the wellbeing of the country chiefly its youth at heart.

“God wants us to be futuristic and focus by having strategic thinking. We are in competition with the rest of the world not against ourselves. This can be achieved by pulling all our human resources together.”

Another area that Charles Sam attributed as major contributor to the country's woes is lack of honest, competent, efficient and responsive leaders with drive who can take the country into the new economic paradigms such as South Korea, Singapore, China and Malaysia to develop the country.

He therefore called on political leaders and politicians not to disparage the idea of transforming the Ghanaian economy within the shortest possible time.

“When you have a youth out there that wants a directional change, that wants revolutionary development, that wants to catch up with the world, that wants to use their energy to build the nation, that wants to peruse advances of self determination, then you are out of business” he noted.

Mr. Sam who is also a youth developer called on the country's youth not to give confidence and entertain political leaders who resort to insults and personality attacks instead of debating how to develop the country.

He appealed to politicians not to focus on petty politics but to implement rigorous actions to assuage poverty in the country.

On education, the youth leader called for a complete change in the system to help the country compete with the world in terms of development. He also advocated for science and technology management. “If we are not able to do this, hope will be lost and we will be in serious problem.”

On the country's economy, Sam advocated for what he termed “do or die and “at all cost” economy. “An elite economy cannot develop by mediocre administrators because self believe is not there. If there is no self believe the necessary drive will also not be there.”

He challenged the country to move from political democracy to what he endorsed as “major economic transformational democracy.” “It doesn't mean we should not practice democracy. Democracy is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end. This is called planning democracy. It should yield economic gains.”

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