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28.05.2012 General News

Intelligence Officers Want Militants Relocated

By Moses Dotsey Aklorbortu - Daily Graphic
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Intelligence officers at the Elubo Entry Point in the Western Region have called for the immediate relocation of former Ivorian militants from the Ampain and the Elubo Reception camps to prevent any possible violence in the area.

They have also called for the relocation of the camp near the border owing to the calibre of people who were living among vulnerable Ivorian refugees there.

They said the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) had indicated that its focus was on the women, children and the vulnerable who had been displaced by the Ivorian conflict and that it was not responsible for the militants.

At the moment, the camp is gradually becoming a haven for ex-combatants who are polluting the minds of the young ones at the camp and flouting the laws of Ghana.

Speaking to the Daily Graphic on condition of anonymity, the intelligence officers said failure to relocate the camps would have serious implications for the safety of the inmates.

They said the recent killings at the two camps were clear signals of impending danger, since investigations so far conducted had revealed that on the day of the killings at the camp, there was unusual drumming and dancing deep into the night.

While the people were drumming and dancing and shouting on top of their voices as planned, the militants killed the two victims at the camp, they said.

They said after the killing, the leader of the drumming and dancing group vanished but he was later arrested after a search.

The intelligent officers said while the killing was going on, the cries for mercy or help from the two victims could not travel beyond the sound of the drumming and dancing.

They observed that there was deep-seated pain and acrimony in the hearts of some of the militants and that those militants should not be allowed to stay with defenceless refugees at the camp

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