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4 May 2012 | General News

Horror! Father Kills Kids Stabs Pregnant Wife

Daily Guide
KILLER! Kwadwo Yeboah aka 'Makafi' and STABBED! Yaa Oforiwaa
KILLER! Kwadwo Yeboah aka 'Makafi' and STABBED! Yaa Oforiwaa

A 27-YEAR-OLD unemployed man at Sepe Timpom in Kumasi on Wednesday May, 2, stabbed his two daughters and their pregnant mother with a sharp knife, sending the two innocent children to their graves, and severely injuring their mother in the process.

The suspect, Kwadwo Yeboah aka 'Makafi,' believed to be a chain 'Wee' smoker, after committing the crime around 11am, tried taking  his own life by hanging in the room where he had committed the crime but he failed as the metal on which he hanged himself got broken and he landed on the ground.

The deceased persons, whose stomachs were slashed open, with their intestines gushing out, are Abena Adwubi, 4, and one-and-a-half-year-old Francisca Ama Oforiwaa.

Their bodies were found in a pool of blood, alongside their weak-looking mother, in their room by their grandmother around 8pm on Wednesday after they were stabbed in the morning. Their bodies have since been deposited at the KATH morgue.

The pregnant woman, whose name was given as Yaa Oforiwaa, 26, who miraculously survived the attack after being stabbed in the stomach, is currently in a critical condition at the KATH emergency ward.

Makafi, whose actions have been described as callous by Kumasi residents, reportedly went into hiding. He is still on the run as the police have mounted a search for him.

The suspect, whose actions have sent shivers down the spine of residents of Sepe Timpom, reportedly once told the wife that he was hit with abject poverty, therefore he could not take care of the children.

He therefore demanded the wife's support so that they could kill the two innocent children with poison. The wife, according to sources, treated the husband's fiendish threat as a stupid joke.

KILLED! 4-year-old Abena Adwubi and little Francisca Ama Oforiwaa

Kwadwo Yeboah, who is reported to be a notorious thief, however, on Wednesday, carried out his intention of killing the children as he stabbed them and their mother in a locked room.

The suspect, who lives in a different house in the same area, on the day, visited the children and their pregnant mother in their house around 11am, an eyewitness told DAILY GUIDE .

Yeboah initially feigned playing with the kids and their mother in the room. In the course of playing with them, the suspect locked the doors to the room.

He then switched on the television set, with the volume so loud that nobody could hear his victims shouting for help. Yeboah then stabbed the two kids with a sharp knife, resulting in their innards popping out.

Makafi then stabbed the pregnant mother in the stomach. Yaa Oforiwaa, who knew that her husband was bent on killing her, intentionally feigned death after being stabbed once.

The suspect, who was convinced his wife had passed on, then left the house quietly with his parked belongings.

The mother of the stabbed pregnant woman, Adwoa Manu, upon returning from work on Wednesday evening around 8pm, was met with horror as she saw her two granddaughters lying dead in a pool of blood in their dark room.

The old lady's shock was heightened as she also saw her pregnant daughter, who was on the brink of dying, bleeding profusely, lying at another corner of the room. Madam Manu shouted to attract people to the scene.

Madam Manu said her daughter, with difficulty, told her that Kwadwo Yeboah stabbed them with a sharp knife without provocation and bolted.

Kwadwo Acheampong, a resident of the area, said Makafi, after committing the crime, tried taking his own life. The suspect reportedly tied a sponge to a metal on top of the ceiling in the room.

But as he attempted to hang the sponge on his neck, the metal got broken, sending him landing heavily on the floor. Makafi then vanished into thin air and he has since not been seen again.

Acheampong said the matter was reported to the police who came for the bodies of the victims, adding the police had started a wild search to apprehend Makafi who is believed to be hiding in Kumasi.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

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