Kennedy Agyapong Is Simply A Loud mouth Braggart, He Has No Money – Anita Desoso

Politics Kennedy Agyapong Is Simply A Loud mouth Braggart, He Has No Money  Anita Desoso

National Women's Organizer of National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ms Anita De Sousoo, says she has a personal score to settle with NPP firebrand and Member of Parliament for Assin North, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.

The NDC National Executive claims the NPP MP is simply a loud-mouth braggart, who in reality is not well-to-do as he tries to portray.

At the NPP's gargantuan rally at Mantse-Agbonaa in Accra some two weeks ago, the NPP MP referred to President Mills as “Ghana's number one thief” who is 'jail bound'.

In what can perhaps pass as a direct attack, Anita descended heavily on the Assin North MP at the NDCs Greater Regional Rally held at Mantse Agboena in James Town last Saturday, accusing him of scheming to be awarded a $15million Electrification contract on December 11, 2008 just days after the 2008 election. She also alleged that the Agriculture Development Bank (ADB) pre-financed the project without the board's approval.

The NDCs National Women's Organizer again repeated the allegation during an interview with Kwame Nkrumah Tikese on Okay FM's Ade Akye Abia this week, and added that she is on a personal battle against the loudmouth politician and will make sure the whole nations knows that he is not as rich as he claims.

She said it was unfair and unacceptable for the MP to be given a contract at the time people were voting and the electoral atmosphere tense; and also when there was every indication the NPP was leaving power.

She further stated that it is surprising the acerbic tongue politician took loans for his project, adding sarcastically that “I never expected Ken Agyapong to be taking loan from the bank after claiming he has all the money in the world. From the way he talks, I thought he could buy the country after always trumpeting about his wealth and the number of people he has helped”.

She dismissed suggestions that Kennedy Agyapong might have received the loan because he was credit worthy.

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“…if he was credit worthy, why didn't he take the loan from NIB where he has an account, but rather ADB because of the relationship with the then MD…he (Kennedy Agyapong) is only a cheap braggart who is worth nothing but won't shut up. He only takes delight in vaunting about things he doesn't have…I will let the whole world know that the arrogant businessman MP is poor and depends on loans like any ordinary Ghanaian,” she said.

But in a sharp rebuttal on the same platform, the outspoken NPP MP rubbished the allegations, describing them as ridiculous and the ravings of an envious NDC activist.

According to him, his wife, who owes the Mina D'Oro Ventures and Messrs Imperial World Business Limited, won a contract to supply electrical materials to the Ministry of Energy (MOE) as part of the National Electrification Programme, and revealed that the Ministry of Energy has vehemently refused to pay a huge debt owed his wife for no just reason.

“…my wife (Mrs. Stella Agyapong) won the bid to undertake the rural electrification project…the NDC government has not even paid her for the work she did…I challenge the Minister to deny that my wife has not delivered goods to the ministry and has not been paid…the NDC has failed in all its ploy to humiliate and embarrass me…this will not shut me up from exposing the corrupt and irresponsibleness of the NDC,” the Assin North MP said.

Story by Beatrice Adepa Frempong/