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06.03.2012 General News

Atumpan Defends More 'Things'

By Kofi Duah - Daily Graphic
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AtumpanHiplife artiste Atumpan seems to have a penchant for stirring controversy and has done that again with his latest release titled Sisi Mu Den.

A professional teacher, he ruffled some feathers with his debut, The Thing which was regarded in several circles as replete with ‘veiled’ indecent lyrics.

Sisi Mu Den came out a few weeks ago and there are lines in the song like: If I get you I go hammer and I go make you feel my waist and power…. if we finish what we are doing, you will like it well….

Tongues are already wagging about how appropriate it is for a person supposed to be a role model to his students and other young people, to make music with such perceived lewd words.

The Wiaso Training College graduate who now teaches at the Kaneshie Technical College (Kateco), however, says rather than be condemned for Sisi Mu Den, he should rather be praised for addressing a serious issue in many marriages which people are sweeping under the carpet.

“The song basically talks about sexual dysfunction in marriages and the possible remedy. A man had problems at home because of his sexual weakness . His marriage was, however, saved after an old man had given him a potion made up of ginger, ‘pepere’ and ‘hwenteaa’(spices).

“As musicians, we owe the society a duty to talk about the issues that people sometimes find difficult to discuss openly. That’s what I’ve done with Sisi Mu Den and I don’t see any profanity about it.

“ It’s about time we stopped behaving like ostriches. These issues are real and destroying many marriages. Why don’t we talk about it in the open and rather behave as if it is a taboo?” Atumpan, who featured Stay Jay on the song, asked.

According to Atumpan, the fact that many manufacturers of herbal medicine want to buy the rights to the song to promote their products, is an indication that he is helping find an effective solution to a nagging problem in relationships and should not be crucified for that.

“ I understand all that talk about being a role model because I’m a teacher but I’m sure anyone who listens to the song will know that the young people are not my target. So that song cannot lead them astray,” he insisted.

He said while people may have criticised him for his songs, his students regard him as a role model and he tries to uphold that image by being as professional as he can in his teaching duties.

“I’m a role model to the students I teach and I always advise them to see me primarily as their teacher in the classroom and not as a musician when school is in session.”

Though he encourages his students to enjoy his works, he has warned them to do so only within their permitted times.

“If anyone is seen at any late programme or in a night club, that person will certainly be in trouble when he or she returns to school.”

Despite misgiving that some people expressed about The Thing, Atumpan remains hopeful that it could win him an award at the upcoming Vodafone Ghana Music Awards because “the song was liked by both the young and old and thank God, those who criticised it are not the ones to decide on whether it wins an award or not”.

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