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13.02.2012 Opinion

The Cat Hunter Hunted!

By Daily Guide
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Wonders shall never end! Who would have thought that the man who has been giving innocent cats a hard time would one day be at the receiving end? The cat hunter now being hunted? Na waa oo!

This country can boast of many competent cat hunters, and my good friend Agbenyaglo is one of them. The skill and finesse with which he hunts and finally slaughters his cats could be the envy of any hunter worth his salt. It was therefore a big surprise to me and others when he said he was only a novice because there were others who could even hunt human-cats. The human-cat hunters, he said, were the real hunters.

 Past and recent events have aptly proved that Agbenyaglo could not be far from right.

The infamous 1982 cat-hunting expedition which led to the three judges and the Army General visiting Samanfoland clearly comes to mind. It's a shame the then chief cat hunter and the architects of that hunting expedition are still walking free and even accusing innocent people of crimes they've not committed.

Many have once upon a time held the title of chief cat hunter, but the one currently holding the title is no other than the one who propounded the pussycat theory. He propounded the theory when the government of the party he chairs woefully failed in its bid to incarcerate the Abudus charged with the murder of Ya Na Yakubu Andani II and 21 others. Indeed, he has since not spared any effort to see that special breed of cats exterminated from this world. Hon. Dr. Chief Cat Hunter Kwabena Adjei is the man I refer to.

 It is therefore a wonder that the chief cat hunter has now come out to say that while he religiously hunted the human-cats, he too was being hunted by faceless individuals in his party. He poured out his frustrations in a letter he wrote to the president and copied to Dr. Boom, the Founder of his party. Indeed, Karma is a bitch!

  Before I analyze his letter, please permit me to ask Dr. Kwabena Adjei a few questions. Mr. Chief Cat Hunter, do you now feel what the poor and innocent cats feel whenever you hunt and haunt them? Do you think it is a pleasant feeling?  If no, do you now understand that you were wrong to go haunting innocent cats in the first place? And would you apologize to them?  

In the letter, Dr. Adjei said despite contributing greatly to his party's electoral victory, his reward had been abuse, insults, character assassination and physical threats to his person; but made it clear that he had reached the limit of his patience.

 Abusuapanin may be surprised, but I'm not. I'm not surprised because they are only giving him a dose of what he had helped them give to others. Now that the chief hunter himself is being hunted, one can only imagine what the greedy bastards would do next. As for the cats, this will no doubt give them the opportunity to heave a sigh, at least for now.

 The chief cat hunter also said he could no longer put up with the ongoing and well-known machinations and schemes that threatened to wreck the party's survival. Interesting, isn't it? Indeed, those were the very sentiments expressed by Dr. Boom, but no attempt was made to deal with the problem. Why now? Could it be one of the schemes to make Dr. Boom soften his stance against the greedy bastards in this election year?

 Dr. Adjei claimed he copied the letter to Dr. Boom because he had the conviction that so long as the founder lived and continued to command grass-root support, his relevance in the party could neither be questioned nor treated with contempt. If that is true, what did he do when his General Secretary, the Human Mosquito, referred to Dr. Boom as 'a barking dog'? Or his silence is one of the unifying and middle liner roles he played among the major factions in the party?

 You see, it is one thing being silent because speaking up would stir controversy, and another thing altogether to be hypocritically silent. It is an open secret that the chief cat hunter was among the Zu-za executives who organized and attended a meeting at the Peduase Lodge on the blind side of the founder's wife, who also doubled as the then 1st Vice Chairperson of the party? We all know that Dr. Adjei did nothing when those who masqueraded on the back of Dr. Boom to win executive power said their party had no founder. We also know that he pretended to be deaf when the school-boy ministers and the other greedy bastards bastardized the founder during the FONKAR-GAMES? Clearly, he has now found his tongue because he is at the receiving end. 

 The Operations Director of FONKAR, Ernest Owusu Bempah, says the chief cat hunter's letter is nothing but a Kwaku Ananse story; and one cannot help but agree with him. The chief cat hunter was only dancing with a string; but only started crying for help after it had formed a noose around his neck. Knowing Dr. Boom for who he is, I doubt if he would help the asphyxiated cat hunter and the conflict-ridden party.


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