In the same way, like Continental Afrika, the havoc and crisis of colonial identities throughout Diaspora Continental Afrika abound everywhere for those who have eyes to see.

In USA for example, 400 years of slavery and colonialism have turned Diaspora Afrikans into everything except Continental Afrikans.

As in Continental Afrika, everything was done by our slave and colonial masters to cut most Diaspora Afrikans from their Continental Afrikan identity and consciousness.

To do this, they were constantly reminded they came from America, meaning "White" America. As far as their "White" masters were concerned, Afrikan slaves in USA were mere properties to be bought, sold and used for the development, progress and prosperity of the "White" world (America) and "White" power.

Everything about their Continental Afrikan identity was destroyed, hidden or turned into negative as a way of making them hate, reject or

shun away from anything Continental Afrikan.
Turned into properties of the white Man and uprooted from their Glorious Continental Afrikan Identity, Culture, Power, Pride and Dignity, they became easier to dominate, control, exploit, assimilate, integrate , de-Afrikanize or Westernize to serve the Needs of their Foreign creators in White USA .

For 400 years, they were denied their basic human rights to positive self-education, freedom of expression, freedom to vote, freedom from hunger, freedom from homelessness, freedom from domination,

exploitation, abuse etc.
And when they were finally emancipated or set free from slavery and granted the right to education and other human rights, it was done to protect "White" interests and not their interests as Continental Afrikans in USA.

Consequently, after 400 years of systematic brainwashing, majority of Diaspora Afrikans all over the Afrikan Diaspora believe and accept the "White" lie that they are not Afrikans but Americans, French, British, West Indians, Caribbeans etc. which are nothing but slave and colonial identities imposed on them and kept alive to keep them permanently ignorant and uprooted from the Power, Security , Pride and Dignity of their Glorious Continental Afrikan Identity they know little or nothing of and don't want to know .

Likewise, in Continental Afrika one of the purposes of colonial identities is to keep Continental Afrikans ignorant of their Continental Afrikan Identity, Culture and Power they need to empower and free themselves from all forms of de-Afrikanization or Foreignization .

In the Diaspora Continental Afrika, slave/colonial

identities exist to prevent Diaspora Afrikans from knowing and claiming and enjoying their Continental Afrikan identity.

In France, for example, Diaspora Afrikans who reject their "French identity" in favour of their Continental Afrikan identity are isolated, imprisoned or killed for daring to prefer their Continental Afrikan Identity to their French identity.

The same things happen to Diaspora Afrikans in Britain, West Indies, and in South America.

As far as our White masters are concerned for an Continental Afrikan to be called French, British, West Indian or American is a great honour.

As far as they are concerned they are doing us a great service for replacing their "crude" and "backward" Continental Afrikan identity with "civilized" and "modern" "White" identities.

As far as they are concerned Diaspora Afrikans need to be grateful to their "White" masters for granting them "White" identities.

Hence, being called American (i.e. White) or French, British etc. is like being upgraded from our "property"-status to "human being"-status.

It is like as if Continental Afrikans in USA have passed the "White" test. We are no more Continental Afrikans.

That is, we are no more "crude," "barbaric," "uncivilized," "underdeveloped" or "inferior." We are now Americans! We are now French! We are British!

That is, we have now been "accepted" by the "White" as "human beings" and "civilized."

In this way, was born the lie and the illusion of "promoting" Diaspora Afrikans from their "inferior" status to a "White" status called Americans, French, British or West Indians!

This work was so well done by our slave and colonial masters that up till now, about 95 percent of "Blacks" in USA will do anything to be called "Americans" rather than Continental Afrikans.

As far as they are concerned, it does not matter whether America is "White" in origin, goals and objectives.

It does not matter to them whether they are despised or rejected by White America.

As far as they are concerned, to be American (White) or Westernized is to be "civilized."

Whether it is true or not, Americans they must be.

To such Westernized Afrikan in White America or Europe, anything that helps them dissolve faster and faster everything Afrikan in them into the "White" stream is called salvation.

In USA, it is called politics of integration. In France, it is called the politics of assimilation.

From Continental Afrikan perspective, we call it suicide or genocide.

And yet, we as well as they know that "Black" integration/assimilation be it in USA or Europe is nothing but "Black" genocide or suicide.

Integration/assimilation is based on the he of "White" superiority/Intelligence over "Black" inferiority/backwardness.

It falsely tells "Blacks" the only way for them to make it in life is to renounce themselves as Continental Afrikans and become "White" in words, thoughts and deeds.

Integration simply says "White" is "better" than "Black." It says, leave who you are and become "White" no matter what. It says being "Black" is down or a loss.

Being "White" is everything - success, prosperity etc. So if you are "Black" in USA, stop being "Black" or you will get nowhere.

The more you lose your "Blackness" or rather your Continental Afrikaness, the more "White" you will become and the better your chances of having and enjoying all you need and want in life.


In their futile attempts to make any sense out of the slave/colonial/neocolonial senseless lies that govern their lives in alien worlds they call their own, many became and are still what Frantz Fanon called "Black Skins in White Masks."

All because the more "White" they turn themselves into, the more they are rejected and hated by the "White" world.

The more "White" they think they are the more "Black" they remain and called by the White world.

Soon the truth began to dawn upon Diaspora Afrikans that no matter what they do or try, Continental Afrikans are Continental Afrikans.

They can never be White in the same way "White" can never be "Black."

The lion has enough intelligence to know that it is senseless and ridiculous to try to become a tree or a stone no matter the reason.

That is why we never see the lion or a tree or stone etc. or any other intelligent beings on earth trying to be something else than what he/she is not.

However, at the time human beings are on the Moon, one quarter of an entire humanity on earth called Continental Afrikans have been deprived of their intelligence or common sense into accepting and believing in such a lie that they can turn themselves into "White."

To solve their dilemma, Diaspora Afrikans became Negroes.

To be a Negro in a "White" world was at the time a revolutionary and courageous act.

Fed up Diaspora Afrikans suffered persecution, discrimination, imprisonment and even death for calling themselves Negroes .

At least being a Negro for a Diaspora Afrikan in USA was a noble and better than trying to be "White."

Soon, the term Negro became to many a source of great pride, release and salvation from the bitterness, frustration and deception that were their rewards by being "White."

Also Negro and not Continental Afrikan because it was safer for them to be Negroes in a "White" world than "Afrikans" considered dangerous and a threat to the "White" philosophy of divide to conquer.

Again, the term "Afrikan" in a "White" world is a taboo or high treason punishable by death.

Hence the need for them to stay away from being called Continental Afrikans.

But to the "White" world, being called Negroes rather than "White" or "Americans" is a clear message of their rejection of the "White" identity imposed on them.

Calling oneself a Negro by comparison to the negative word of Nigger, means awareness of one's Continental Afrikan Heritage and Root.

It also means in the eyes of the "White" an act of bravery, provocation and independence for daring to prefer their Continental Afrikan identity as Negroes to "White" identities as Americans, French, British or West Indians.

To prevent them from using their Continental Afrikan identity (Negro), the "White" world turned Negro into "Nigger."

To escape this "White" defamation of their "holy" Continental Afrikan Identity, Negro became "Black."

Hence, as far as Diaspora Afrikans in USA are concerned, being "Black" in a "White" America is a revolutionary act.

It enables their identity to be kept intact, separate and different from "White" America. Whether it is "Black America," "Black Power," "Black Beauty," "Black Renaissance" the intention was the same - the desire and need to be Continental Afrikans in "White" American instead of trying to be "White."

But they cannot call themselves “Afrikans" for fear of losing their "White" American citizenship and all the jobs and material things it confers on them.

In this way, being "Black" in USA has become a powerful cultural weapon for Diaspora Afrikans in USA to preserve their Continental Afrikaness and Continental Afrikan Heritage in a "White" world.

Hence, being "Black" in White America became being "Afrikan." But soon they realized the inadequateness of being "Black."

There is no land anywhere in the world called Blackland. That means being "Black" does not tell where they came from.

Secondly, they also discovered with great disappointment that the term "blackness" is more negative than positive in USA and elsewhere.

Everything negative is considered black. Satan is black. Disaster in USA is called black, e.g., Black Monday, etc.

Hence the more "Black" they try to be the more they run away from being "Black."

Deep down in their hearts, many, if not all believe that it is not enough to be "Black."

And that being Black does not necessarily mean being Continental Afrikan.

So in spite of all the Departments and Centers of "Black Studies," "Black History," with all the Black "Pride" and Black "Consciousness" raising programs such as "Black" History Month, "Black" Panther Movement, I am "Black" I am Proud, etc. the need for a better cultural identity became obvious.

Consequently, "Black" America became "Afro-America." "Blacks" became Afro-Americans.

Again, "Afro" rather than " Afrikan" for fear of losing their "privileges" in White America.

Soon, being "Afro," being "Afrikan in thoughts, words and deeds," thinking "Afro," dressing "Afro," wearing "Afro" hair, etc. have been the new revolutionary cultural weapon in the hands of Diaspora Afrikans in USA to preserve their Continental Afrikan Heritage and their Continental Afrikan Identity and survival in "White" America.

Hence, being called "Afro" as compared to being "Black" is a more revolutionary act on their parts.

"Afro" that is " Afrikan" is closer to their desire to be Afrikan than "Black."

In "Afro" they got the opportunity to be Afrikan (Afro) in "White" America without offending those who don't want them to be Afrikan in USA.

Today, thanks to the philosophy of "Afro" in USA, we see the development of a small but determined group of Afro-Centric scholars preaching what they faintly call "Afro-centricity" and the need to be Afro-centric in Thoughts, Words and Deeds .

Today, Afro-America is now Afrikan America which is great compared to referring to themselves as “ Black” or “ Afro” or “ Negro” but which still not enough since calling themselves African and American means, they are still confused between being Afrikan and White in White USA ..

And since it is obvious or shall soon be obvious to them an Elephant can only be an Elephant no matter where he is found and that , it is clear to me that sooner or later, all Diaspora Afrikans in USA and Europe and South America shall soon know the Fact they dread to know or accept that they are all Continental Afrikans or Afrikans in White America, Europe, South America and the Islands .

In the same way, Continental Afrika and Continental Afrikans have no choice but become Continental Afrikan in lieu of colonial identities.

We see the same revolution taking place in Europe, West Indies etc.

Sooner or later, the entire Continental/Diaspora Afrikan World and People will become one Continental Afrikan People everywhere in the world , free once and for all the present invisible slave/colonial/neocolonial Walls that keep them apart and ignorant of each other AfrikaIdenity and fighting among themselves with Foreign Weapons while their Gold, Diamond, Uranium, Brains, etc are shipped away to enrich others while they beg for the Bones of their Meat to others to feast over.

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