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12.12.2011 Politics

Andani Chief Receives Nana

By Daily Guide
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Nana Akufo Addo last Saturday invited the people of Dagbon to join him in restoring the past glory of Dagbon, a part of the country he said he loves so much.

He made the appeal when he called on one of the key Andani chiefs, the Tijo Lana, during a tour of the Mion constituency of the Northern Region.

He told his guest that reconciliation and unity were two important ingredients that could change the fortunes of Dagbon and should be sought by all means.

The NPP flagbearer, whose speech was punctuated with deafening applause in the palace of the respected chief, told the Tijo Lana that 'you are a respected chief in Dagbon whose words are respected. We like others outside Dagbon are concerned about the continuing conflict in Dagbon.'

It was his prayer, he said, that important personalities like the Tijo Lana would work towards the promotion of reconciliation and peace among the people of Dagbon.

'I know the history of Ghana and the contribution of Dagbon in that direction. I want Dagbon to take its rightful place in the life of our nation. I have great love for Dagbon people. That is why I am speaking the way I am doing now,' he said as he offered to work with the chief to bring about reconciliation in Dagbon.

He admitted that it would not be an easy task but was quick to add that 'with people like you, we should try and ensure success'.

When he turned to the deliberate misrepresentation about himself, he held his audience spellbound who could not resist clapping for him as presented himself as an ordinary man without a horn or wings.

'I am aware about all sorts of things being said about me. Some say I have wings, horns on my head and a tail. You have seen me today, a very ordinary man like everybody else, a man keen on seeing Dagbon regain its previous glorious status. Take me into confidence as a man ready to ensure reconciliation and peace in Dagbon. I am prepared to do my best in that direction,' he said.

The power and sincerity in the speech was not in doubt as acknowledged by his regal host who expressed profound gratitude to his guest and asked that he should develop the Northern Region when he became president.

Nana Akufo-Addo's visit was part of a Northern regional tour he embarked upon recently, having so far touched base with Bunkpurgu Nyonyoo, Gushegu, Chereponi, Mion, Bimbila and Wulensi.

The tour ended yesterday with a visit to Kpandai.
By A.R. Gomda

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