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20.11.2011 Education

Educationist blames educational system for indiscipline among the youth

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Ejisu, (Ash), Nov.19, GNA –An educationist has blamed indiscipline among the youth on the country's educational system because it has failed to train and develop students in a holistic manner.

Mr Seth Obeng, Headmaster of Shalom Academy, at Ejisu, stated this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on how indiscipline among the youth, especially those in politics, could be reduced in the country.

He pointed out that the country's education seems to be only focusing on developing the cognitive aspect of the students at the neglect of the affective and psychomotor skills.

"Much emphasis has also been placed on passing examinations rather than how to help students to develop affection for one another and the feeling of patriotism for ones country" he said.

This, according to Mr Obeng, had led to the production of academically good but morally and socially corrupt youths who are insulting their opponents on the airwaves and creating tension on the political scene.

“In our school days, our education system paid attention to how our morals and conduct should be developed. In those days, one could be sacked from school because of his or her bad conduct but what do we see these days?”

Mr Obeng stressed the need to reconsider the current educational system and give the youth the type of education that will enable them embrace the cultural heritage of the country and afford them to fit perfectly in any society that they might find themselves in future.

He advised young politicians to desist from using abusive words and insults on their opponents as the country prepares itself to enter into an election year.


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