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Avoid schemes to get rich quick

Avoid schemes to get rich quick
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Apart from the contradictions of moral laws and ethics of society, as well as the ultimate violation of God's principles, any plans or attempts to obtain monetary gains by unorthodox, immoral, or inappropriate means cannot be accepted as genuine financial blessings. Greed, selfishness, pride, carnality, competitive jealousy, and laziness are primary roots of improper financial acquisition. Indulgence in any of these practices can also breed more of such negative tendencies in the perpetrators. Most often when we are in dire financial need, we are tempted to think that we can solve our financial problem by any means possible at a particular time, without taking time to exploit other honest and justifiable means that would bring us lasting satisfaction, true blessings, and God's approval. Scripture tells us that "it is God who gives us the power to get wealth" (Deuteronomy 8: 18), and all of us know that the God we are referring to in this instance is a holy and righteous God who does not bless any man with money and resources through unrighteous channels. It is very easy for us to say: "the end justifies the means", which implies that "all I want in the end is to get my money and property; how I get it does not really matter." Hmmm! But, is that right? And is your assertion true in any way?

As a result of unwholesome financial pursuits, several marriages have been ended on the rocks, many promising relationships got shattered miserably, and great families finally splintered apart tragically. Some relationships and families even ended up in incalculable disgrace all because of the greed by a fiancée, or a Daddy, Mommy, Brother, Sister, an Uncle, or an Auntie to grab money by inappropriate means. The same thing has happened to great businesses, institutions, organizations, ministries, churches, and even economies of governments and nations. It is very important for parents, elders, ministers, and counselors to dig deeper into the financial beliefs and position of any man and woman aspiring to marry, lead a group, or occupy an important position, in order to provide sound financial counsel. They must guide young men and women especially into avenues of wise spending and profitable investment. They must encourage them to make money by honest means, and help them to get out of debt (especially credit card debt, and money they have borrowed from someone for a long time but are not making any effort or plans to pay back).

Couples must share all their financial resources together, and be absolutely open to each other about their financial matters, in order to be accountable to each other and prevent one from getting into any financial trouble that would drag everyone into the resulting mess and disgrace. The question of joint account by couples is another issue to be tackled in the future, but whatever the case, all the money that comes to the home must be openly declared and known by both partners in the relationship. Otherwise can they claim to have genuine love, open communication, and transparency as a strong unique bond between them? Why should each one tightly and secretly guard and hide his or her money and property, or one cheating the other by controlling the finances, while one works hard to bring income into the home but struggles and suffers so much before being allowed or being able to purchase basic needs? Why should one side of the family (in-laws of one side) benefit more from the finances of the couple, while the other in-laws are denied any financial and material assistance and blessings? The impersonal and selfish era in which we live, tempts us to become inhuman, un-loving, callous, and unkind. Unfortunately (and tragically) we are blinded by modern sophistication and degradation of traditional good values and deceived to think that we are rather very smart. Someone says; "There is Pay Day someday" (i.e. there are irreversible bitter consequences down the road).

Apart from the happiness and contentment from satisfied needs, financial openness and honesty in the family is also very important for genuine acceptance of one another. It produces peace, love, and equitable sharing of resources. It enables the family to meet everyone's need, and creates the opportunity to make plans together (especially as husband and wife), and to move forward progressively as a united family. Above all, financial openness and monetary gains through honest and godly means bring down blessings of God into the family and any group or friendship that would last for generations.

Do you sometimes hear people saying that there is a curse in a particular family or on a particular person, and there is suffering or disaster plaguing someone or a particular home (or a business, organization, ministry, city, government etc.), because some money that was inherited was acquired by the predecessors through foul means? Think about that, and ponder carefully over your particular ways and means of financial and property accumulation as you go about your daily business in this world, and the kind of spirit you are entertaining behind your money and property and financial deals that others are going to inherit from you after your death. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom (including financial and material wisdom). Let us continue to work hard, and even strive to work harder. The rewards are priceless, incalculable, and satisfying. "The sleep of a laboring man is sweet" (Eccl. 5:12).

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