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14.10.2002 Tabloid News

Lotto "Predictors" Flex Muscles

By Network Herald
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The people who write the lotto numbers for people to win huge sums of money say they are not ready to let others as it were, pour sand sand into their gari.

The National Association of lotto Agents and Writers (N.A.L.W) last Friday warned that its members would resist any attempts by the Receiver's Union (RU) to deprive them of their means of livelihood after they have 'placed their food at the high table'.

The Association blames the Receivers Union of trying to kick them into the gutter by employing the services of the police to arrest them on trumped up charges. They there fore called on their members to advise themselves when such people come around to arrest them.

The acting National Chairman of the association Mark Bosompim,who addressed the press also took the opportunity to appeal to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to stop any policeman acting on any fake trumped up allegations from carrying across their actions because they are illegal and unconstitutional.

They rather urged the police to use their strength, brains and ammunitions to clamp down on crime in the country. Mr. Bosompim said that following their last meeting with Deputy Finance Minister Mrs. Grace Coleman, they had successfully mobilized their members countrywide.

According to him, with the exception of the Upper East, Upper West and the Northern Regions, all other Regions have registered and issued out membership cards to writers and agents which is a demonstration of heir seriousness towards unity and development.

The Association pledged its willingness to contribute towards the development of the economy by paying commission to the Government. According to Mr. Bosompim at the beginning of its term the association called on government to work out modalities that should enable them pay a legitimate commission in addition to the daily 7.5 percent VAT.

Consequently, members were mobilised to tour the regions to canvas support. They were of the view that the PNDC Law 223 which regulates the operations of the District Weekly Lotto supercedes any memorandum of understanding.

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