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Terror Export: Nigeria Scapegoating Ghana

By Emeka Eze
Umar Farouk AbdulmutallabUmar Farouk Abdulmutallab

In decent societies, one would expect the Nigerian government operating from Saudi Arabia with spokes people scattered around the world to at least shut up or come clean regarding their failures over the years. No, not in Nigeria and perhaps over their dead body would they ever accept any blame or anything that will bring disrepute to them.

You now hear that Umar the terrorist was never in Nigeria and due to the “water tight” security of Nigeria, choose to fly into Lagos, thirty minutes prior to his flight departure out of Nigeria. So Umar Farouk AbdulMuttallab, who attended his fathers retirement party from first bank and stayed back at their Lagos mansion and also at Katsina State from the 12th of December 2009, was never in Lagos but only walked into the airport to board the flight to Europe. It must be that this guy was either continuing with his terrorist training in Ghana and had to fly into Nigeria on the fateful day being December 24th, when he started his journey that will eventually take him to Detroit, Michigan United States or he actually flew in from Yemen, his mother's country of birth to catch his flight using Lagos as a safe hub.

This is what Nigeria's loud mouth minister of disinformation Mrs Dorathy Akunyili would have us believe. We've been fed all sorts of rubbish and even now, all caution have been thrown to the wind all in order for those leading the collapse of Nigeria, to appear as if they are in charge and doing incredible job. Ghana is now in every mouth of those usurpers who are daily moving the country toward disintegration. Ghana is being blamed as a transit point for terrorists that are born and raised in Nigeria with connections to terrorists training camps in Yemen, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Nigeria is now claiming that terror is never known among the citizens of the country since everyone has been living in peace and tranquility. Yes, terror has always been part of the instrument of control in the hands of the Jihadists who would stop at nothing until the Koran is dipped into the Niger. The killings that take place almost in all Northern States of Nigeria does not amount to terror since airplane, car, motorcycle and bombs planted at select buildings, are not yet employed by those who have counted themselves as the masters of terror.

Illegal Nigerian government officials do not consider the killings of Christians and other non Muslims across the north as terrorists acts and so Umar Farouk Abdulmuttallab has the enviable position of being the first Nigerian to commit terrorist act. While we are busing ourselves lying to the rest of the world forgetting that they all have embassies in Nigeria, we forget that those embassies furnish their home governments with country reports on daily happenings in Nigeria. As if that is not enough yet, on December 28, reports out of Bauchi State stated that Christians and their businesses are targeted in yet another round of religiously inspired mayhem. In all these, we tend to pretend that all is well and there is no 'shaking whatsoever'. Nigeria remains a laughing stock in the comity of nations. It is just a matter of time before her eventual demise is announced to the world.

From 1946-December 29, 2009 hundreds and thousands of Christians have been slaughtered across the Islamic north and not a single person have been made to stand trial for those state sponsored religious killings. Acts which have the potential of breaking up the country (religious & tribal motivated killings) have consistently been swept under the carpet and yet those who proclaim one Nigeria figure that the problem would just go away and everything will be normal?

How can we build a credible nation on the basis of killing those who contribute in great ways to the sustainability of same? How can Nigeria continue this miserable existence when truth, which can set her free is daily murdered at the altar of deception and national madness?

Very soon we will begin to hear that Niger Republic, Mali, Togo, Chad and even Sudan are all responsible for all our troubles. Nigeria, its leaders as well as the docile population are all accomplices in the free fall of the country. This is the bane of Nigeria and this is the reason that Nigeria will never survive. Denying the obvious will only prolong the evil day for Nigeria and those countries that surround her.

The very country that is behind the ills of Nigeria is once again attempting to deflect attention to Nigeria's role in this whole terrorism brouhaha by calling for a summit that will be held in London to consider the state of Yemen while leaving Nigeria out, the very country they destroyed through the amalgamation of 1914 deserve no security conference to consider her future. This is the conspiracy of the British establishment against our entire land. If we continue on this slippery slope, there will never be any meaningful gain for all parts of the country.

You may marginalize and exclude the Igbo people and or settle of a few of them to keep them quiet but still, this will not serve to contain the Igbo people or make them look back from their quest for emancipation. Emancipation is needed for all people of the East, West, North and South. Nigeria has become a bondage for all those yoked into it. Those who think that we can just pretend that all is well and that all the problems will just go away are deluding themselves. That invisible thread that has been holding Nigeria is now broken and there is no walking away from this reality.

Officials of the failed Nigerian government are now showing disregard to the interest of Ghana by doing everything possible to rope this country into her eventual fall. Terrorism which has always found home in all areas of the northern Nigeria, is now being shifted to Ghana since this convenient and appears to be the fall safe position for the country.

The United States being the focus of this latest terrorist adventure, must not be deceived by all the misleading information that is emanating out of Nigeria. The United States must demand answers to what is happening in Nigeria especially in the areas of religious tolerance. Turning blind eye to this situation, will eventually lead to more terror attempts on its targets around the world.

Emeka Eze
[email protected]

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