26.09.2009 General News

Pedophile Falls 'Dead'

By Daily Guide
Patrick Ken Larbash, the alleged pedophilePatrick Ken Larbash, the alleged pedophile
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Patrick Ken Larbash, the suspected American pedophile, caused a stir at the Out Patient Department (OPD) of the Police Hospital in Accra when he lay down on the floor in the presence of shocked patients, pretending to be dead.

Narrating the incident to DAILY GUIDE , a source said Larbash was sent to the hospital when he complained of some pains on his body, since his arrest for lewd acts on children.

On arrival at the hospital, he was wheeled to the OPD after the Police vehicle had dropped him.

“After seeing the doctor, he was asked to sit at the OPD while he and the Police Inspector who accompanied him waited for the vehicle to convey them back to the Tema Police cell where he was being held,” the source narrated.

Larbash sat quietly for some time and then suddenly slumped from the wheelchair and fell flat on the hard floor of the OPD and quickly turned his face upward as if he was dead, DAILY GUIDE learnt.

“The man (Larbash) stopped breathing while his eyes rolled up and looked all white and he laid there motionless for some time, making all of us believe that he was indeed dead,” the source stated.

Traumatised patients at the OPD, believing the suspect was dead, rushed towards him to take a peep, while nurses got ready to deal with the unfolding medical situation.

However, the police escort took a closer look at Larbash and observed loudly that since the suspect was dead, he should be sent to the hospital morgue.

The comment quickly 'resurrected' the 'dead' Larbash who suddenly jumped from the floor where he was lying and walked straight to the officer and verbally attacked him for saying he was dead.

The alleged pedophile was said to have used foul words on the police officer who kept his cool, an action that threw the large crowd into prolonged laughter.

“He went back and sat in the wheelchair quietly as he tried to clean the dirt off his arms and body and waited for the vehicle which later arrived and conveyed them back to Tema,” he added.

Larbash was also alleged to have suggested to the doctor who attended to him to recommend medical treatment in Mexico, when the doctor suggested that he might need surgery for his ailment, but the doctor declined his request, telling him the surgery could be performed in Ghana.

It will be recalled that the suspect was arrested after several children in a remote village at Adjomanikope near Sege in the Dangme East District complained to officials that he made them suck his penis in his rented apartment while he video-taped the act in exchange for food, toffees and a chance to watch films on his laptop.

From Razak Mardorgyz Abubakar, Tema