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Jul 20, 2009 | Discoveries

global Warming-Please listen to me!

By Willie McDonald

The True Reasons for Global Warming
Earth's Orbit around The Sun is Decaying


Global warming can be reversed, if action is taken in time. If its not reversed in time the sun's heat will dominate this planet's weather, and generate unusual weather patterns to the point where the only thing left to eat will be other people. The real reason for global warming is the earth's orbit around the sun is decaying, in other words the earth is moving closer to the sun.

The earth is a planet that functions like a machine. Like cars, trucks, aircrafts, or rockets. The earth has a fuel system (crude oil/ methane gas wells), an engine system (the core), exhaust system (volcanoes), and a cooling system (the oceans). A car's engine system generates torque, an aircraft's engine systems generates thrust, and the earth's engine system generates a powerful magnetic field, and the earth's magnetic field protects all life on the surface of this planet, and beneath the oceans.

The earth's magnetic field keeps the earth at a safe distance from the sun, and the core is the earth's engine. The earth's fuel system is referred to as oil wells/ crude oil reservoirs. They are actually self pressurizing fuel cells. Like any machine, if you were to shut off fuel to the engine, the engine will stop operating. The oil company's crude oil extraction process compromises the earth's fuel system, and shut off fuel to the earth's engine (the core), by releasing pressure out of the earth's fuel system (oil wells). Normally the pressure in a crude oil well/ reservoir is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pounds per square inch.

Under normal circumstance the core (the engine) stays at a constant 5000 to 7000 degrees celsius, and that's hot enough to melt steel, and the pressure in the core is tens of thousands to hundreds of pounds per square inch. The oil is ignited long before it reaches the core, and enters the core as flames, and/ or heat. Crude oil, and its components are called hydrocarbons, and are capable of generating the temperatures, and pressures found in the core, and mantle, and in oil wells. Hydrocarbons are used to melt, and manufacture steel. The higher the temperature in the core, and the stronger the earth's magnetic field. The cooler the temperature in the core, and the weaker the earth's magnetic field. The earth's engine is being fuel starved, and it is slowly cooling. As the core cools the earth's magnetic field weakens, and the earth is being pulled closer to the sun.

Global Warming has nothing to do with green house gases, holes in the ozone, CFC, R-12 refrigerant, the sun going nova, aerosol propellant, and methane gases, etc. Hydrocarbons such as coal are safe to use, its crude oil/ methane gas that should be left alone. WARNING: Ridding the air of green houses will not reverse global warming.

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The only way to reverse global warming is for the oil companies to re-pressurize the earth's fuel systems (crude oil/ methane gas wells). One way this can be accomplished, by igniting the methane gas in the fuel cell (oil/ gas well). The ignited gas will expand, and create the pressure need to force the remaining crude oil (fuel) into the core. This is the real cause for global warming, and the only way it can be reversed.

Volcanoes, the earth's exhaust system are designed to rid the core (the earth's engine) of spent fuel, debris, and they regulate the /pressure in the core, which is generated by the combustion of crude oil / methane gas. The pressure that's release from volcanoes are provided by dioxide, nitrogen, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and the facts are these are all hydrocarbon by-product, including the pressure.

These gases, and the pressure proves beyond a shadow of doubt, hydrocarbons are being burned in the core of this planet, and lots of it. The materials ejected from volcanoes originate from the earth's core.Volcanic eruptions in the pass are stronger, than present day eruptions. This is due to the core of this planet cooling. The more hydrocarbons that are burned in the core, the higher the core's temperature, and the stronger volcanic eruptions will occur. Green house gases are not responsible for global warming, it goes beyond green house gases. Something is going wrong with the earth itself, and its obit around the sun is changing, and not for the better.

The earth is moving away from the moon at 4 centimeters each year. A total of 24 leap seconds have been added to the atomic clock over the decades, because the earth's rotation is slowing down. Many scientists believe the hours of the day will increase from 24 to 25 hours in a day. 12 noon use to be the hottest part of the day, now it 3 o'clock in the after noon, due to the earth shifting on it's axis by 26degrees, and the earth is wobbling on it axis. Many astrophysicists believe the earth will eventually flip upside down. NASA scientists have discovered that the earth has developed a breach in its magnetic field.

The winters are getting sunny, and warmer from the equator (latitude- zero) to (latitude 29-N, and S) in winter. Both polar ice caps are being melted, one at a time, and the oceans are rising. Floods, and tornadoes are developing in winter, from (latitude 35.0 –N) to (latitude 42- and there shouldn't be enough sun rays, and heat for the green house gas theory to be applicable. The same weather is occurring in the southern hemisphere from (latitude- zero to 42-S) in winter. It's getting noticeably hotter every 15 to 20 years. Look at the facts, and due diligence! Most of what I've written in the last two paragraph, was written by scientist, geophysicists, geologists, astrophysicists, and can be found on the internet. I warn you global warming, and the apocalypse are one in the same. The decay, and global warming are in the beginning stages, the worse has yet to come. I prey you take this report seriously, you must listen to me!

Written by: Willie McDonald
[email protected]:

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