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29.03.2009 Health

Nationwide polio eradication campaign on course

By gna

The second round of the nationwide Polio eradication campaign is on course with about 40,000 volunteers and 4,300 supervisors carrying out the exercise with the aim of reaching every child under five years.

At a tour of certain communities in the Dangbe East District of the Greater Accra Region, Dr. George Sipa Yankey, Minister for Health said with the continued confirmation of circulating Wild Polio Viruses (WPV) cases in neighbouring countries, the risk of importation was high.

He said the detection pattern of the viruses isolated so far in the Northern Region was similar

to the outbreak of the 2003 and has threatened the significant achievements already attained.

Dr. George Sipa Yankey said though eight cases have been confirmed so far, immediate measures have been taken to prevent further spread as a single case of paralytic polio is an indicator that between 200 to 1000 non-paralytic cases may be walking around and capable of spreading the disease.

He called on all Ghanaians and partners to help kick polio out of the country in particular and Africa in general and pledged the commitment of government towards eradication of the disease, adding, “we shall never relent till the last case of polio is dealt with.”

The tour also provided Dr. Yankey an opportunity to visit certain health facilities in the District and to know at first hand some of their problems.